Wednesday, February 09, 2005


From Anonymous:

Please remember when addressing current director Nanos that he never attained the distinction of Admiral. He was simply a Vice-Admiral deserving no credit for an Admiral's distinction. The difference in rank is significant.

Correct. He has the distinction of commanding the "USS Neversail and the USS Drydock. It would be interesting to see his Naval career file. I'm sure that one is under lock and key.
Google "Groups" for terms: Nanos, "The Admiral", NAVSEA

You'll find this post over at
The officer at the head of the Naval Sea Systems Command, where I
work, is officially "Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command." The
position is set aside for a vice admiral (O-9). The current holder
of the position is VADM G.P. Nanos. No one who knows anything ever
refers to him as Commander Nanos, which would demote him four grade
levels or turn him into his own executive officer (which at NAVSEA
we call "deputy commander"). Most commonly he is referred to as
"The Admiral" and addressed simply as "Admiral" (no surname). Even
though there are several other admirals (all rear admirals) serving
in the Command, everyone knows who "The Admiral" is.

Yes, indeedy, everyone at LANL now knows who "The Admiral" is, don't they? No one dare confuses him with some run-of-the-mill, ordinary Admiral.

You should always remember to address Mr. Nanos as "The Admiral", even at LANL. In fact, I've noticed that official DOE memos to the lab also address him as "Admiral Nanos", and never as "Director Nanos" or even "Retired Vice-Admiral Nanos". Pehaps even the DOE is a bit intimidated by this fellow. He wears his titles very loudly.
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