Saturday, February 19, 2005

Valentine's gift

From Anonymous:

On Monday, February 14th (yeah...a great Valentine's is how
we know that Pete really cares about us), Pete Nanos graced my group
with his presence at a group meeting, along with Doug Beason and Sara
Scott, our AD and DL. He spent 45 minutes telling us how great we
were and that our mission and people are the numbers 1 and 2
priorities (although it was not clear *whose* priorities they were).

One of the non-cheerleading messages he came to bring was that NNSA
and Ev Beckner had decided that they would explore the possiblity of
"federalizing" my site, TA-18. In other words, DOE or LASO or someone
else would run it...not LANL. Ugh.

After the 45 minutes, he was reminded by Beason that he needed to get
back to his office. Nanos informed us that Beason and Scott would be
delivering "the rest of the story." So after he left, Beason had to
tell us that the problem was a perception problem in DOE that the
TA-18 Early Move project was not moving fast enough for NNSA (despite
the fact that we have met every deadline they have set for us). NNSA
blamed the fact on TA-18 being managed by the TR directorate, despite
the fact that the early move funding was coming from the weapons
program. As a result and a preeimptive strike, Beason announced the
the people working the early move project would be Form B-ed (yes, I
know that form doesn't officially exist anymore, but it is an
appropriate verb for the equivalent action) to NMT division and that
NMT would take possession of TA-18.

Well, the people at the meeting saw right through this. Nanos was too
much of a coward to give us the really bad news and decided to play a
game of good cop/bad cop that went bad. We all felt really bad for
Beason and an even larger hatred for Nanos for doing that to, by all
accounts, a good guy like Beason.

But hey...if anyone is looking for someone from TR to comment on
Beason, so far he gets a big thumbs up from me. It took a lot of
character to deliver that message, especially when thrown under the
bus like that.

The real problem is that PN came up with this solution -- because AD Beck comes from NNSA, and Beck is by far the most arrogant member of the SET (even more than PN), NMT is the lead. The real problem is that Beck declare NO movement of materials that was not related to TA-18 (even though lanl is not behind), which has suddenly thrown all the programs that use Pu into chaos. We will miss deliveries to our non-DP customers, and likely will lose much business. WHY???!!!!

Beck wants WFO to fail, and the lab to be DP only. Even though there is NO evidence that the WFO is effecting the DP program, Beck hates the fact he is not the only king.
Cowboy Nanos Runs Amuck Nanos ran into our TA-18 meeting flowing down the middle of the aisle with a room packed with N-2 and N-5 employees.

Nanos, after telling us what he's done, said that "I have pulled the pin on the grenade and thrown it down the hall".

Talk about a Cowboy!!!!!!!!!!
Also on Valentines day there was an awkward moment when Dave Creamers name was read in the Patent reception to go shake Nanos' hand. There were a lot of gasps in the room...
I heard that a brief look of, perhaps, indigestion crossed Nanos' face when he found himself shaking Doug Roberts' hand, as well.
No more about deadlines. The Oct. 1 NNSA date could not possibly be met, especially given the programmatic impacts on the schedule. This is indeed an unfortunate situation, but cannot be laid at Nanos' doorstep. The causes of this year's crisis goes back several years of non-movements and decades of no attention paid to legacy materials.
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