Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Take 2 prozac and go home

From Anonymous:

Micheline Devaurs commented on this site that LANL management is taking part in an effort as stated "We need to recognize that the contract competition will be a continuing source of risk and anxiety for our staff. It is designed to do this so we should not be surprised. " Perhaps this is the reason why LANL management has refused to give back the 9/80 schedule. We now have Beason offering to help the head of ISR to look at the 9/80 schedule. I'm sorry guys, but this is not rocket science, and hardly justifies you two guys, with really big salaries, looking into it. Grab a government vehicle and drive down to the state building. They've done this for years. Come to think of it we did it for 4 years. It was only when George Nanos, yeh "pete's" an alias, had a panic attack and decided to change everyrthing ,that our 9/80 came under fire and was taken away. Might I suggest that you 2 looking into a "quality of life issue" is like me looking into "quality of science issues". Give us back the 9/80, and the next time "george" has a problem, tell him to take 2 prozac and go home.

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