Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sultans of Shout

From Anonymous:

A recent post mentioned a shouting match pitting our director against one of his direct reports. I have experience in that realm from having worked with the arch-shouter herself, Dr. Ines Triay lately of Carlsbad DOE fame. I didn't enjoy shouting but she did. It wasn't really a personal thing, just a way of expressing herself. But of course the subordinate has no equal footing from which to shout, leading to a thoroughly satisfying rant for her and a boatload of humiliation for the recipient of the Tourette's-like emission. But suppose you have two sultans of shout, two titans of tirade, two presidents of pout, two babies of bashing, two infants of infamy, two leaders of lash, two mullahs of the mouth trying to tear each other down instead of us. If Pete and Ines could be put in the same ring I would buy a ticket to watch.

Another post suggested attracting Michael Moore to document the lunacy of LANL. No thanks. There are enough lies and deception flying around already. We don't need his kind of help.

Ditto the bit about Michael Moore. No thanks.
Hey, Jack, take a deep breath and think for a moment. Michael Moore is like a bulldog when he's after the CEO types. Just imagine him dogging the Vice Admiral around to get a few pointy questions answered. I'd pay good money to see that in a theatre near me. $5.50 for a matinee down in Santa Fe, anyway.

Remember, it's not about exposing the Laboratory to the light of day--it's about exposing the Vice Admiral and his First Mate and the leading lapdogs to the light of day.

I say, bring Michael Moore ON!
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