Monday, February 14, 2005

Suggestions For Diana Heil

From Anonymous:

Diana, I suggest you research the following very carefully.

• In the first six months of 2004, top-secret data was transmitted via e-mail 18 times at LANL, more than the three other labs combined.

1. Did someone from NNSA say top secret or just secret?

2. Did someone from NNSA tell you that LANL and LLNL have different metrics for reporting this problem? At LANL any email that might contain classified information that is sent on the unclassified network is reported. At LLNL only that email which leaves LLNL is reported. Of course, it's impossible to determine if the mail leaves LLNL so LLNL probably under-reports.

3. "Further evidence of security breakdowns emerged from a report on violations over three years at the nation's four nuclear-weapons labs prepared at the request of The New Mexican. It revealed 74 violations considered to potentially pose the most serious threats to national security. Of those, 35 took place at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California; 22 at Los Alamos." This paragraph contradicts the paragraphs that claim that LANL is worse than LLNL.

Note that NNSA does not have standard reporting requirements for all national labs so each lab can report problems in a way that makes them look less bad.

I need to point out that a few of these email incidents were the result of LANL personnel having recieved classified Email from other DOE labs. In at least one case, we asked and were assured that the content had been reviewed and was NOT clssified.
While I sympathize with your situation at LANL I must tell you that classified information on the unclassified network at LLNL is indeed reported to DOE. Whether it is "inside the firewall" or not.
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