Monday, February 14, 2005

Still more Blog in the News

From Anonymous:


Yet another link, this time from "The Memory Hole":

Blog by Los Alamos Lab Insiders

CNN also had an interesting article about the rise of blogs involving working conditions at companies:

Have a blog, lose your job?

I actually hope no major news organizations like CNN pick up the story about this blog. If they do, the site will end up getting so many hits it will quickly bog down. Frankly, I'm suprise LANL hasn't leaned on someone to take this site off the air based on nebulous "security issues".

Keep up the good work, Doug! We need these opinions to be aired. They have been repressed amoung the LANL staff for way too long. I've also been impressed by the good signal-to-noise ratio that this blog has been able to maintain.
And another:
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