Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Small Northern New Mexico Businesses

From Anonymous:

ATTENTION: Anyone at LANL who has a contract with a small New Mexico
business for support comparable to what KSL provides will no longer be
permitted to contract with that business unless the contract is for over
$500,000. This is another slap in the face of small northern New
Mexico businesses since none of them have that large a contract with

If KSL does not want to perform the requested service, they will
then subcontract it to another company. But they have no intention
of subcontracting to any non-union companies. Most small northern
New Mexico businesses are non-union. One company I have talked to
will lose about 30% of its business at LANL because of this.

If LANL were truly interested in saving money, KSL would have to compete
on all contracts along with small businesses. But LANL is permitting
this waste of taxpayers' dollars rather than supporting the small
businesses. Furthermore, the amount of safety paperwork the small
businesses must do is monumental, thus adding to their cost of doing
business, yet KSL can get away with doing very little paperwork.

Are you listening, Bill, Tom, Jeff, and Pete? Do you care about businesses
in our state? Are you truly committed to supporting them? Or do you believe
that farming all work out to a monopoly which can then subcontract to their
union buddies is good for New Mexico?

This brings up another area of my heartburn here at LANL.

I continually see waste and fraud by KSL personnel. Was not Pete supposed to keep "taps" on the KSL charges? Was this not one of his other "non-kept" promises he made to us? This was supposed to be done so cost of doing business could be further looked into and more than likely reduced when they actually saw what and how KSL was charging the lab for work.

KSL has, for the most part performed substandardly but nothing is done about this. I have seen a 30 minute paint job on a railing and the painter sat in his vehicle the entire day watching the railing. I have seen a charge of more than $1200 to a program code for installation of one duplex 120Vac outlet which was placed in line of another...a 2 hour job....$1200+???...give me a break!

I can assure you that many personnel at KSL would never make it on the outside with real industry...they would be unemployed in the first week.

For some reason, KSL is not being monitored properly and they are once again running the way they were in the past. Using NNM Small Businesses was the only we could save programmatic funds...again...
Thanks, Pete, for another job well done! Aren't you finished ruining us yet...will you please leave now??!!
I can one up that how about 6,000
to change a set of batteries and a
flat tire on our snow plow.
It's not the crafts, the workers fault, it's their management, Jo S an appointted managert?
I have seen the same people doing the same
work for Johnson Controls (pre KSL), and they worked the same way. It's not a function of LANL management. It's a function of the "I have a job and there's no way you can get rid of me no matter how poorly I do it or how much it costs" attitude. If KSL had to compete, their employees would have to lose that attitude and would work much differently. All the crafts' jobs should be re-evaluated with the idea of how many can be bid out to small businesses, not how many can be shipped to KSL to do no matter the cost.
How about the same electricians that did the work coming back the next day to "verify" completion of the work!
There is no doubt more than enough "evidence" is out there to prove the KSL over charging scam here at LANL.

I have written three "Tell Pete" letters pointing out this very thing, oh yes, all with NO response. This shows how sincere Pete Nanos was when he said he would monitor their charges to LANL. This is one of the reasons our programs are suffering financially....KSL charges what they will, thay don't seem to have any "Checks and Balances". They over buy items for jobs and stock pile them but then order again for the next job ticket, their little "cubby holes" are loaded with new extra parts.

Pete, if you refuse to leave us, begin doing the right thing....NOW!!
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