Thursday, February 17, 2005

Shouting Match?

From Anonymous:

I have heard a reliable rumor that Nanos got into a shouting match
with a LANL employee yesterday (Wed) at a meeting of about
30 people including a division director and several group leaders.
Nanos was at the meeting to give a pep talk.
Anyone who was there care to post a description of what happened?

Nanos "that was one abusive son-of a-bitch and I am glad he is gone" Quite the eloquent speech from a director of a national laboratory lacking any facts. Nanos, then implied my co-worker was a "fool" sporting his black cowboy hat for style. See you in court "fool" I have had enough of your simple mind.
An interesting insight, perhaps, but without sufficient background info to provide any meaning. How about telling us

1. who as at the meeting,
2. what the meeting was for, and
2. what happened?
The initial posting is correct. There was a Div. Director and group leaders present along with 25-30 others.

The reason for the meeting was a pep talk to spur the troops on. Nanos made a speech telling us how screwed up we used to be but we've worked hard and he's proud of us now.

One employee took exception with the comments and the fact that he insisted on wearing a black cowboy hat. He said we all understand the symbolism of the hat and "it's a slap in the face to everyone here."

Both men were mad but the Director was the only one using foul language and personal attacks. The quote from the first comment is accurate and the Director did call the employee a "fool".

As usual the Director has displayed his complete lack of professionalism and self control.
How much longer must we suffer this abusive individual?
The meeting was in group DX-3; so far as I can tell, it was intended to be a sort of "pep talk" for the folks that are working on shots 3625 and 3612. Nanos was apparently supposed to come, chat a bit, give a "Rah Rah" speech, and sign a banner that is hanging in the hallway.

Attendance was mostly group members and some Div. Office folks. Also members of Nanos' entourage.

Nanos got into a heated discussion with some folks that were there; the exchange was related to the events of the past few months.

Nanos signed the banner on the way out; "Go for it", he wrote, with a big blue Sharpie.

I can't comment on the exact nature of the exchange in question, as I was not in the room at the time.
If you think his language was objectional here (and it was), you should have heard his even more vulgar description of the Plutonium Disposition Program (one of Senator Domenici's favorite programs.) I was there and was embarrassed. Had Nanos been on televison he would have been fined $500K. The man continues to bring shame to this institution.
I'm sorry, who was wearing the black cowboy hat? Was it Nanos or the other guy?
Hey, he's probably under a lot of stress lately.
Here's an idea, what say we start a "Cowboy Hat Day" Everyone that would like to make a statement, dustes off his/her favorite Stetson and parade around work for the day. Call the press and maybe, just maybe, we can provide enough rope for Pete to hang himself. How about Feb 28? Lets get together for this and make a statement that will be heard all over the scientific community. "Stand up for something, or fall for anything"
Well, At least now we know for sure who the real cowboy and butthead is.
Getting into a shouting match, then writing "Go for it" on a banner? Is Nanos autistic or something? Does he really have no clue about relating to human beings? (with apologies to autistics...)
"Go for it!" reminds me another silly one-liner: "Bring'em on!"
A sad day for DX, I hope the "fool" wins and the "son-of bitch" gets his day in court.
It's not just a sad day for DX, the whole lab has been persecuted by this megalomaniac.
So the Director shows up for a contrived "pep rally" at DX, the division he has basically destroyed, and he has the gall to write "Go for It!" on a big paper banner? God, this man has no diginity! He seems to think he's living in a movie, like "Rudy" (his favorite, I hear). He's a simpleton. I hope you guys in DX have placed some appropriate comments of note right next to the Director's "Go for It" quote.

At long last, Mr. Nanos, have you no diginity, no dignity at all?
Here's what I know about Director
** From all-hands meetings:
_ _ _ He is arrogant, abusive,
_ _ _ disloyal, incompetent and
_ _ _ delusional.
** 2nd hand from reliable sources:
_ _ _ He is a loud, foul-mouthed
_ _ _ bully as when he reportedly
_ _ _ uttered those immortal words:
_ _ _ _ "What part of kiss my ass
_ _ _ _ don't you understand?"
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