Friday, February 11, 2005

Remove Director Nanos

From Anonymous:

I'm afraid it's time to face some harsh reality, folks. Our "chain of command" has had ample opportunity to invoke its system of checks and balances and intervene in the now moderately famous case of "LANL management run amuck". In the aftermath of recent news proving what we at LANL have always known, e.g., there was no rational justification for shutting the entire laboratory down last July; for castigating honest, well-intentioned staff, and for running off many talented scientists and a not-insignificant number of good customers. Have we heard a peep from UC President Dynes? How about NNSA head Brooks? Or the brand, spanking new DOE Secretary Bodeman? The head of the Albuquerque DOE office? Domenici? Bingaman? Udall?

Nope. What does that tell us? Aside from telling us that the system is pretty badly flawed, and that there is more cowardice than integrity at the top levels of our food chain, we should be getting the message that we are being told, "Don't rock the boat, we don't want the Vice Admiral to fall out!"

Why is that, do you suppose? Is this condition immutable? If enough people shed their fears of reprisal and spoke out in a way that could be heard do you think we could cause at least one "right" thing to happen?

The one individual upon whom the blame for causing this disaster at LANL squarely falls needs to be removed. Most of you agree that we cannot even begin to put this disaster behind us until Director Nanos has been removed. Why are you still afraid to say so? If we all continue to remain silent, we will be no better than UC President Dynes, or Linton Brooks.

I'm not afraid to say so. Help
me with the petition to remove
Nanos. See next post.
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