Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Regarding the Petition

From Anonymous:

Nanos will be out Sept. 30 if not earlier, so why vote?

Yes, this is the worst it has ever been here (speaking from 15 1/2 years as a TSM, previously DOE employee). The oversight from DOE, Congress, and NNSA, lack thereof from UC, are significant contributors along with the suspiciously rampant over reactive media coverage on LANL. Money, politics, something's behind this.

It is very sad to see here what fear and powerlessness lead to. I agree with what's been stated above: Nanos is our punishment, not the original problem and removing him will not solve the problem. I can where intent may be fulfilled in purging the lab and that may very well have been his hired purpose. Has anyone looked across America lately? Corporations, laboratories, etc. Where has science gone? Where has holding leaders accountable gone? Who anymore expects ethics in business? Why should LANL be any different?

One note on retaliation here at LANL: the outside legal firm that trained the managers to "recognize and prevent" retaliation admitted that in all the surveys they have ever taken, LANL had the highest perception of retaliation they have ever seen. As compared to many nuclear facilities and companies. Costly stand-downs at nuclear facilities have been mandated by the NRC simply to "correct" high perceptions of retaliation. Why aren't we doing that here? That wasn't even an issue in the Management Self Assessments in the Restart, as I recall.

We need to bring problems to the surface in a peer-reviewed fashion, open to discussion, with no fear of reprisal. Then safety and security issues may be prioritized, strategized and resolved.

Retaliation here is real and career killing. Extending across the oceans, even. This is a one-company town. Get fired or forced out here and you must leave. And LANL has influence across the world in our specialties. So if you really cause a stink, our Chief of Staffs have no problem contacting other companies to simply say "this person has some issues."

And having national news coverage of newly hired employees (either fired or not) who do not understand the technicalities behind what they observe, who exponentially overstate these observations, does not help! Whatever happened to investigative reporting?

Of course we're all signing anonymously. ADWEM, as Division would be too revealing and dishonorable.

LANL - Where the Zeal to Achieve Mediocrity is Unexcelled

"Zeal to Achieve Mediocrity is Unexcelled"

ZAMU: our new slogan!
The reason to vote is that if Nanos stays we won't make it to September. People are leaving in droves and the only thing that will stop them is the immediate removal of Herr Nanos.
And NNSA is asking for a 6 month extention. Will that mean Nanos will be staying?
Mediocracy may not be attainable for quite a while. Ask, for example, for a comparison between the intellectual property values of LANL and LLNL research. There's an office telphone number listed ay LANL. Although this is an unpopular view, Nanos is not responsible for what ails LANL.
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