Sunday, February 27, 2005

Regarding the Bodman Meeting of 2/25

From Anonymous:

That was a really telling meeting.

Nanos was deferential and diplomatic in the extreme, but then of course his big bosses were there, and he wasn't about to be anything but in front of them.

Bodman was unstandably nebulous for a guy three-weeks on the job, but he was very deft at not praising Nanos, nor running him down. I think he has potential, but the DOE and NNSA bureacracy was there before him, and will be there after him, and they know it.

I don't think Domenici said a single thing about Nanos at all. Of course, Domenici has lost face now having bashed the Lab early during CREM-III without facts to support it. Pete can't get out of being responsible for how he looks now without looking bad (or, well, worse, than his rant made him look at the end of the talk).

Brooks, as has been noted, said absolutely nothing at all. This, the NNSA Administrator, in charge of the agency created to 'better' operate the NW complex than DOE. Talk about an abject failure. But he didn't say a single word in support of Nanos. Hmmm.

Overall, the supporting words for Nanos were gratefully absent from the panel. That tells me they know at least a bit what we know and they're starting to back away from him ever so gently. I hope.

Finally, what was with the INCREDIBLY LAME questions, overall, people asked?

The damage and being done to the Laboratory is extensive, long-lasting, and grave. No one I can recall presented that issue to the assembled chiefs at all, and yet it seems to be the bottom-line of all the issues at hand.

Domenici obviously doesn't have a clue. Whether or not anyone INTENDS to hurt the Laboratory or not, IT HAS AND IS BEING DONE ANYWAY.

There's no way I can see him running for re-election, and even now I have to wonder how much Senatoring he's doing himself, and how much his staff is really our 'man behind the curtain.'

Brooks once described Nanos as the "silver lining in the dark cloud over Los Alamos." This time the Administrator's silence was golden possibly with cumulus visions of the Fifth Amendment swirling in his mind.
Brooks supported Nanos strongly in meetings with staff in December. You should not read too much in in his silence. I think he is keeping his head down until he sees how Bodman is going to proceed, but deep down he is Navy and will support Nanos.
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