Friday, February 25, 2005

Petition To Remove Director Nanos

From Anonymous:

To: Dr. Robert Dynes, President of the University of California


Director Nanos has caused unprecedented damage to the reputation and productivity of Los Alamos National Laboratory, and to national security, by his unilateral imposition of a lengthy shutdown of all work at LANL;


His reasons for this shutdown have now been shown to be either misrepresented or wrong;


Most LANL employees have lost confidence in Dr. Nanos' ability to lead the Laboratory;


We, the undersigned employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory, request that the President of the University of California immediately demand the resignation of Dr. Nanos.

Sign the petition by leaving a comment; "Anonymous" is a signature that will be noted.

Brad Lee Holian, T-12, 32.5 years at LANL
Given that I do not have 32 years of service behind me yet, and given the current environtment of intimidation and retribution at LANL, I do not have the luxury of signing this petition with my real name. However, I do wish to sign it anonymously.
Raise time was coming around and we were talked to about safety. A laser system was declared the safest lab in our group and its owner would be recognized with a superior raise. He told me afterward that his experiment had not been active in the past year. There’s a valuable lesson in this. We should all have projects that reward inactivity. Those guys with sponsors who have withdrawn monies because of the shutdown don’t belong here. There are plenty of funded DOE programs that allow a re-definition of success for what would otherwise be called failure. Safety, diversity and security goals are easily resolved through scientific inaction.
If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a program with real milestones look for one that gets plenty of LANL awards. Look for a program whose budget has risen for no discernable reason. Needless secrecy is another good sign as are managers without scientific credentials.
Remember to keep saying that Nanos is the only problem. The quality of the LANL effort has long been famous throughout the world of science and the budget still increases.
I have enjoyed 30+ years....make that 29 1/2 working at this once great institution. 6 mths to go unless there is a big change at the top. Count me in on this petition.
Signed, Anonymous
I am in complete agreement with the statements in this petition.
John N. Horne, DX-3, 22.5 years service at LANL.
I support this letter strongly. I need my job, though - signing as anonymous.
I support this petition.
David F. Simmons, Soon-to-be Ex TSM, DX-6
I support this petition. Reluctant to leave after 23.5 wonderful years, I would love to see a rebirth of this laboratory. Yet having seen reprisals against people who publicly speak out, I must sign myself anonymous.
I am an early career TSM (3 yrs.) and the shutdown has seriously derailed and impeded my progress on projects that bear significantly on National Security issues. I fully support this petition, as would any taxpayer cognizant of the extreme level of waste, fraud, and abuse by the management of this laboratory.

In all my years of service I have never experienced an atmosphere of distrust and dissidence for laboratory management that now exists. Most of us applaud the courage of those who have stepped forward to bring information to the surface that may justify a congressional investigation as to what actually transpired and what led to the laboratory operational shutdown. Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars have beween squandered and possibly some misappropriated to cover misconduct at the laboratory directorate level. Not only the director but those who aided a possible coverup should share the responsibility. There seems to be enough evidence to justify looking into the possibility that George Nanos knew or suspected shortly after the laboratory shutdown that the alleged missing disks did not exist. It is now important to all of us to find out why innocent employees where chastised and some fired for a non-existent incident. Is it possible that they carried the cross to shift blame from the misguided and irresponsible actions of the directorate? The FBI and DOE investigations into this matter concluded that the director was WRONG. I recall the director stating in a mandatory all hands meeting that if he was wrong about his accusations directed at "the cowboys", he would stand in "Macys" window on a Sunday afternoon and apologize to them. Mr. Nanos, I'm sure you have acquired more then sufficient labortory frequent flyer miles to book your passage. So far this director has not shown the integrity or courage to admit responsibility for his failures and misconduct in this matter. In order for this laboratory to regenerate itself there must be leadership that employees and associates can trust and believe in. That can start by striving for a NANOS FREE WORK ZONE. Yes, I support this petition to remove George Nanos from a position he has abused and disrespected.
I support this petition. But since we live in an atmosphere of fear , I will currently only sign as anonymous. What a shame for anybody to not feel able to express their concerns, especially in a scientific environment. But maybe I should cross out scientific and replace it with military.
Add one more signature from B Division.
Yes, I completely agree with this petition but with a 17 year old at home I cannot sign my name--so sign it anonymously. Thank you
I support this petition.
Signed Anonymous
I support this petition. However the SET
needs to go to.
Another TSM who supports this petition who wishes to remain anonymous. And another vote that the SET needs to go, too.
I must sign anonymously. There is no fear of retliation. Retaliation is a fact!
I must sign anonymously. There is no fear of retliation. Retaliation is a fact!
I have watched all that I worked so hard for disappear in the last 8 months. Working at LANL was a focused goal for me all the way through school. I came here to to finish my Ph.D disseratation, and I haven't seen the inside of a laboratory in over 8 months. I will tell all the other students back at school to look elsewhere for work, because no science happens at this institution.
I sign this petition anonymously because I need this job.
having bailed with a 40% pension well before nanos' reign began i cannot vote. i will tell you if you had been watching the lab started down this death spiral long ago under sig hecker. sig promoted sycophantic morons who are mostly still in upper management, sig stole from good science to keep his pet projects alive, sig bent over backward to satisfy the whims of that crook o'leary, and it was sig who decreed no voice of complaint would appear in letters to the newsletter.

the lab need a real leader to clean house and rebuild.
I strongly support this petition. I've thoroughly enjoyed working here the past 10+ years as a TSM, but WILL NOT stay if Nanos stays. Every day he stays the lab decays. Of course even with his departure, there are other problems to be addressed. However, I'm convinced improvement is not possible while he remains. He can say "everything is wonderful" and "the entire lab has restarted now," but those are simply lies to try to make himself look better. Most of DX is still down after more than seven months, and I don't know anyone that truly supports the Director.
I support this petition entirely. --16 year Lab TSM WP Directorate.
Nanos MUST GO NOW! He did enough damage. Actually, I do not know a single person in my Division ready to support him.
I was hoping for so much better when he came, what a sad ending to a career....
I support this petition but would add Cobb, Marquez, Brooks, and Foley to the list. I came to Los Alamos 25 years ago when it was a beacon of extraordinary science that attracted excellence, the best and brightest. The good news is that the excellence is still three. It's only obscured by globs of soot on the lens. That soot has to go.
I fully support the petition to remove the Director. If anything, the petition goes too easy on Nanos. He has managed to do more damage to the Lab and Los Alamos than any previous person, group of people or event (that includes Wen Hoo Lee and the Fire). His efforts are a clear and present danger to our National Security. Every day he sits in his current position, is one day too many and only deepens the damage he has already done. His mistakes are putting 60 years of excellence at an unacceptable risk. By not acting now, you risk pushing the Lab past the point of no return, where we can never recover from the wounds he has inflicted on the Lab. He has amply demonstrated his incompetence to hold the position of Director, remove him before its too late.

Insofar as the Admiral’s crew of yes men and cowards also known as the SET, we don’t deserve them either. Don’t stop with just firing Nanos.

TSM, 15 Years of Proud Service, WP Directorate, Anonymous because I’m not crazy.
You can register my vote to have Nanos removed as Director of the Laboratory. I have worked at the Lab 32 years now and have had the priviledge of working there during times when I was proud to have been associated with the Laboratory, was respected for being one of its employees, and knew many of the staff were internationally recognized for their field of expertise. Nanos has single-handedly and continuously demonstrated disrespect for the workforce, blatantly and flagrantly mismanaged funds entrusted to the Lab by the Nation by making choices that have cost irreparable damage to national defense of this country. He alone has been the "enemy from within" and what I would term the "inner threat" to national security. I have heard of his attempts to fire people who are participating in blog sites or voicing their constitutional rights of free speech, so I will submit this anonymously, as well, even though I would have no problem making these statements to his face. He has already ruined a once-great, scientific achievement of this country--I wonder who really sent him here. Its beyond time to get rid of him if you ever want to turn around this research & development organization that has faithfully served its country and US citizens for decades.
I strongly support this petition. Many other unqualified managers have to go too. This formerly great lab will only recover if lead by a respected scientist. I hope it is not too late to save it.
As most others I will have to sign anonimously.
I also support a Nanos recall to the depths of hell in which he came from. Nanos, LEAVE, your job it is done, your mission accomplished, LANL is dead. Find another institution to kill and your legacy in school books will be cemented as the principal reason the scientific excellence has left the USA. You make me sick.
I fully support the statements in this petition.

I would add:

The appointment of Mr. Nanos, which completely dispensed with the customary national search, was inappropriate from the beginning. He has never been qualified for the job of director, having no previous experience in managing a world-class scientific research organization, no experience in scientific program development, and absolutely no record of scientific distinction. His publication record consists of a single peer-reviewed scientific paper, based on his graduate school work. This single paper is in no way noteworthy or seminal. This anemic publication record would make him a poor candidate for a postdoc, let alone director of one of the world's premier laboratories. He has no conception of how science is done, and no credibility with LANL's scientific staff.

Director Nanos has displayed a dangerously arrogant attitude, consistently disregarding the advice of experts, threatening and even firing those who disagree with him, despite their superior knowledge, experience, and record of accomplishment.

Through his rash and unjustified actions, Director Nanos has created a climate of widespread anger, fear, and frustration, a climate that, in itself, severely damages LANL's security posture. Security experts agree that the greatest security weakness in any agency is the disgruntled employee. Mr. Nanos has single-handedly created ten thousand disgruntled employees. The consequences of this situation could well prove catastrophic.

No single action by UC could do more to restore morale and to defuse this dangerous situation than the immediate dismissal of G. P. Nanos. Indeed, without this action, further deterioration is inevitable.

Mr. Nanos should be held accountable for his actions, up to and including criminal prosecution where appropriate.
Nanos is unfit to serve as Director of LANL and should be removed at once.

-A D Division employee
I support this petition.

Nanos should be fired and the current SET should be forced to resign their positions.

Signed anonymously.
Director Nanos should step down or
be removed. It would seem that the
majoity view is that he has no credibilty. Very soon the outstanding young people at LANL will simply leave for other positions which will of course
be very damaging to the lab's future. If the young people also just leave science this will be particularly harmful for the United States in general. I think many of us can serve our country better elsewhere if morale does not improve. The characterization of us as cowboys, arrogant and having cultural problems is simply false and sends the wrong message to the outside world. If our own leadership is against us why should we stay? Finally I have to say that the people I work with have always been extremely conscientious of security, safety and accountability to the tax payers.

T-Division member
There is something very wrong with our current management. NNSA, and perhaps
even UC, may wish to believe that all the anger they see displayed here is
confirmation that "The Admiral" is having a curative effect against the cowboy
culture. That, perhaps, with just a bit more application of the whip, the
perceived behavioral problems will soon be gone for good. That the patient
doesn't always know what is best for his own health.

Los Alamos isn't being "cured". It's being killed. The good doctor is a
quack. Talk to a working scientist at Los Alamos once they are safely
behind closed doors and you will be shocked at what you will hear. The
sadness in their voice is the thing that strikes the hardest. It comes from
a grieving process. The joy in their work is dying. And without joy, one's
work become utterly meaningless.

Yes, Nanos must go! Those of you at NNSA and UC won't hear this if you stick
to the crowds. The fear of retribution is way too strong out here. Dear Leader
is watching. But take a LANL scientist aside, and give him the chance to gain
your confidence, and you may begin to fully understand just how bad the captain
and his crew have wrecked this place.

I support this petition. And I hope and pray that NNSA and UC are listening.
I feel like a coward by not signing my name, but have witnessed how our Director retaliates against those who criticize him. The man is pathological and a revisionist-- and the least effective and most inept Director that the Laboratory has had in the ~15 years that I have worked there. I will make my comments directly to HR when I resign from the Laboratory soon, and will perhaps return to this Blog and actually sign this petition as myself!

TSM and lower level manager, NMT Division

See-- the LACK of support for Nanos is across the board. Not only do the "cowboy scientists" have a problem with the Admiral, his detractors include those of us working in a Division that has little tolerance for the cowboys. We are as conservative and as constrained as scientists can be (and pioneered many of the efforts, including behavior-based safety programs and strong work authorization documentation, that Nanos is championing),yet we still take issue with the man at our helm...
I am a Director's Postdoctoral Fellow and am extremely disappointed in the harm I've seen to this research institution and tremendous waste of taxpayer funds due to the Director's singular role in implementing the shutdown. I completely support this petition.
I have been working at the lab for 2 summers as an undergrad student. I was appalled last summer at how Nanos handled the so called safety and security issues. Instead of a summer spent working on projects, I was able to spend a summer reading about safety at other institutions and how to "better myself" and "organize my workbench". count me in
I’m enjoying your blog but I’m not from LANL. It reminds me of the New Yorker cartoon where Rover is at the keyboard and he’s saying to another pet. “On the Internet, nobody knows I ‘m a dog.” This entireforum could be written by one real person who is fearful of his job and unable to leave the lab. How many of you are there? Can you find another job? My impression of your place is high salary, low cost of living and little pressure to compete with other scientists. The idea that you can’t give your name under a simple truth unless you’re retired or leaving seems to be the almost the same as cowardice.
Dear Rover: Los Alamos was established in the 1940s by great scientists many of whom had fled tyranny. There are still many great scientists here but now tyranny has fled to them. BTW you were also listed as anonymous. That's the way the system works.
i've been out of the place for several years , but i can tell you the retaliation is very real. i've seen people just crushed for saying the wrong thing. that was pre nanos!

the cost of living is anything but cheap and the scientific competition was astonding when we still did science
Only the good die young-Nanos will rule forever-but I do support this petition.
Please add my name to the list of people who feel UC has abandoned the employees of the Lab by allowing Nanos to continue in his position.

D Division Employee.
As a former member of the technical staff at LANL, I can assure you that the fear of retaliation is real. Speak the truth, and you'll be punished like the rest of us.
I would like to say that very likely if one would look at the background of the persons involved in the so called whistle blower incident regarding the los alamos plant and research labs, you may find a connection to the media maybe even in volving money connections to non profits which may be funding this guys whistleblowing, and the reason is possible holding back on research funds for projects backed by owners of National Television Networks, and I dont know if anyone knows who owns national Networks, NBC is owned BY General Electric and Westinghousnd make e is Old CBS now and whether or not you knw, They have tremendous involvment in Laser, Nuclear and Every ty0pe of advanced Technology you don;t know and if they are not getting whatthey want, more MOney from the Taxpayers they are not I believe above negative publicity to move money to their Corporations, so remember movement of Nuclear Materials to Salt Flats or Caves in Nevada, remember they built the Plants Nuclear and may be storing and nuclearMaterials ;and if so, may not want to loose big bucks storing it, so every threat ofmoving to permanent safe storage and every little non profit stirs up publicand media gets and gives big press and it stays where it is, for more megabucksstoring, heheheheheheh
I have been at LANL over 10 years and a professional scientist for 20 years...I am not a cowboy OR a butthead and I deeply resented the distinguished scientific community at LANL being treated with such disrespect by our purported leader Herr Nanos. His knee-jerk, short-sighted, hot-headed, judgmental, vindictive, intolerant, fear-based nanomanagement style might be suitable for 18 yr old Navy recruits, but it doesn't fly with career scientists. And then after treating us the way he has to have the unmitigated gall to say how our people are our most important resource and how proud he is of us now. How many believe anything he says when his actions every day including today continue to say otherwise? I support this petition. Let the Vice Admiral hang from the yardarm...the EB can walk the plank too. Rome is burning, and Nanos lit the match.
Thank you TRES CEE! You've given the brave voters on this blog exactly the attention they deaerve.
Those who disparage people who are signing this petition anonymously clearly do not recognize the environment of intimidation and retribution that exists at Los Alamos today. I Also plan to sign this petition anonymously, because I _know_ that if I used my real name it would come back to me at the office, and I would be made to pay for it.

I hereby sign this petition to have Director Nanos removed.

A CCN Division employee.
I am also in agreement with this petition. Not only is George P. Nanos a disgrace to LANL but also to the nation. He should be held accountable and brought up on criminal charges for his actions.
PADNWP Employee
I am also in agreement with this petition. Not only is George P. Nanos a disgrace to LANL but also to the nation. He should be held accountable and brought up on criminal charges for his actions.
PADNWP Employee
There are a bunch of admirable men here doing small science but those scientists don’t pay for the nepotism. We’ve all watched the big acronym programs come and go. A cursory look at most of them showed nonsense concealed by secrecy. Nobody spoke out, everyone got raises. Those programs are almost all long gone and no one dares to look back. For our cowardice we deserve Nanos and his colleagues. Beam Experiment Aboard Rocket, indeed!
The previous poster has a point: perhaps we are all cowards and deserve Nanos.
Please add another anonymous signature to the petition. Further, I would like to see PADNWP management and Nanos SET cronies added to the list of departed. The stunning lack of leadership in such crtical areas of our structure is beyond comprehension. None of the above crew would have made tenure, let alone a manager at a UC campus, so why should we have to suffer them?
I agree with the earlier comment about having the leaders that we deserve. Many of us feel that the big programs are embarrassing scams but our own work has scientific value. The sad truth about programs like NPB, MTI and APT is that their managers are promoted only on the basis of the size of their budgets. They run the lab today and use the same skills and behavior that brought us illegitimate programs. There is no consideration in these programs for scientific results or even for the legitimacy of the concepts themselves. The Neutral Particle Beam was sold based on a secret promo narrated by Charlton Heston. The Soviets pointed out, after we threw a lot of money down the LANL NPB hole, that hydrogen atoms would ionize before the beam reached its target. For that reason, and a great many others, the whole scheme was a pointless waste.
One has to face the fact that we will all be tarred by the same brush if we accept programs based only on financial grounds. If we can’t stop those programs from coming in, we definitely should not promote their leaders. Look what we got after the debacle of APT! Try to remember; Nanos is not the problem, he’s our punishment.
I have been here for 27 years and can tell you that I've never seen morale worse! I feel like a ship out to sea without a captain, or should I say admiral?! Add me to this petition.
Unfortunately there are many in the laboratory and those associated that are unaware that this site exists. Too bad that we have to speak out anoymously but it seems that the director and his brown shirts will retaliate against those who do openly sign. Please get the word out that now there is a place to vent frustrations. YOU CERTINLY COULDN'T GO TO "TELL PETE'. What a joke!!! That would be more like "TELL SADDAM". GET THE WORD OUT TO EVERYONE THAT THIS SITE EXISTS.
The fact that the sledgehammer approach to solving problems have never been a favorite of mine resulting in a 6 month + shutdown I support the petition. But, the problems here at LANL are not the result of just one person or a single event. Its a sad day that we are subjected to political football and have become part of the circus.
Count me in. I'm a prize postdoctoral fellow, and am greatly saddened by the (continuing) damage being done to LANL.
With only 17 years of direct and indirect service at LANL. I must also submit a resounding anonymous "Roger That!" to the petition. You can understand that phrase, can't you, Mr. Nanos? I cannot call you "Director" or "Doctor" because I can only do this if I respect the person and the position for which they hold and perform. As a veteran, I would like to ad that the two stars you wore on your epaulette as a Rear Admiral; your actions here at LANL are a disgrace to the military veterans who so proudly work here at this institution. Would your actions ever "be blessed" under a convening authority performing a full military investigation? You and everyone else knows for fact that your actions would never pass muster....never. Mr. Nanos, Shame on you. How dare you ruin lives that you obviously care nothing for, have the odascity to accept a $350K + salary from UC for a position you are nowhere near qualified to perform plus your (deserved)military retirement and be able to sleep at night. How dare you talk against the LANL retiree-be-backs or "double dippers", that are so valuable to our existance and our expertise! You are such a hypocrite.
Yes, it is time to assess and repair damages done. First, Pete Nanos must go and he must take his ever so precious SET with him, for thay are only his puppets.
We must have someone come in that is willing and able to understand the real meaning of science and our mission here for the government and for the country. A person who can bring the laboratory once again to its the shining star once again. We need the nation, our government and most importantly, the people and the employees to be able to trust our management. We need to be able to feel comfortable in voicing our opinions and not fear retaliation as we do now. We all want to be, once again, proud employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Pete, you have done a tremendous job in turning a productive (not without problems) laboratory into a tomb of non-productivity, how proud you must be. Your military attitude and demeanor has all but closed this great institution and I am afraid this may be on the way....can you say, "Rocky Flats"?
You can leave on a good note with your precious SET....humble yourself for a short moment, take up 5 more minutes of our, what used to be valuable time and publicly admit you were wrong....we will allow you to pass on the Macy's window.
I also feel strongly about accountability, one subject you had echoed but is this another account of the "Pot calling the Kettle black"? You, Mr. Nanos, have cost every employee many dollars due to your "knee jerk" suspension of work, you, Mr. Nanos, should also be held accountable for those losses to each individual. I also feel a Congressional Hearing fully investigating your actions is required.
That is all.........
As a 20 year employee and a veteran I agree with the above assessment and support the petition.
Nanos and the SET think this is the Good Ship Lollipop but the better wake up and see that this is Mutiny on the Bounty.
By shutting down the lab for totally bogus reasons, Pete Nanos has done more to endanger LANL and, for that matter, national security, than all previous events in the history of the laboratory. Nanos has no idea what he is doing and even the folks back at DOE HQ call him a "yahoo." He needs to go and so do the rest of the executive team, especially Nanos' chief henchman Don Cobb.

I would love to sign this by name but I have been around these supposed leaders long enough to know that I would immediately be retaliated against by upper management.
Another anonomous in support of the petition.
It has been clearly established that Director Nanos is a liar and an egomaniac. The Nation, the Laboratory, the Community, and the Employees deserve better. As an 18-year veteran of LANL, and a 38 year citizen of the community, I can say with absolute conviction that by this time next year, either Pete Nanos will leave or I will. I may not be able to choose who my boss will be, but I damn sure can choose who he will not be. I choose to stand up to this self-imporant windbag and sign - Scott A. Watson
It is ironic to see so much fear of retribution for practicing First Amendment rights at the Lab even as our nation fights a war and American soldiers die to bring democracy to another country. I’m just a low-level SSM with less than three (scandal-ridden) years at the Lab. I enjoy my job and the people with whom I work. I also NEED my job. But I am less concerned about MY job than I am offended as a taxpayer. The director’s knee-jerk reaction to punish all assaulted the reputation of the Lab and its employees and pose programmatic inconvenience. Most importantly, it wasted an incredible amount of taxpayer money. As a Berkeley alumna, I am proud of having been a product of the UC system. However, it appears that UC has lost its spine. I respect the personal reasons of the many anonymous writers who feel fearful. It’s a sad shame that UC has allowed this repressive atmosphere to fester. I support this petition.
What's this? A pitiful 60 or so people who think the Director should resign?
And most of them are too much of a coward to even sign their names? Don't
think for a moment that Pete Nanos is going down. His hand in running the
Lab will only get stronger with time. He's no quitter. He's here for the
long haul, so get used to it, you mullets. Now get back to work filling out
those new safety forms! Mauuhhh, haaa, haa, haa, haaaaaaaaa! -- PN.
I would like to sign this, but I think we need to come up with a good mechanism for gathering signatures quickly and in large volume. The blog is a cumbersome way. Anyone have a good idea? Perhaps we could do it outside the cafeteria, or Hot Rocks, or some other place with high traffic. It should not be a problem to get into the thousands in fairly short order.
I'm going to cast a dissenting vote against this petition. My work at the laboratory has probably been impacted more than anyone elses. In retrospect, Dr. Nanos probably should have let DOE and NNSA shut the lab down, then all this wrath, impending doom,and despair could have been vented towards those organizations. He tried to keep control of the process so he could fix the problems and start things back up once he felt things were safe, secure, and compliant. If the DOE and NNSA were in charge of resuming the Lab's operations, the whole lab would have definitely went down tubes. Don't listen to these whiners.
Nothing wrong with the dissenting vote, as long as we all realize that we only have Nanos' word for it that "He shut the lab down because DOE was going to."

I guess it's just as easy to believe that DOE would shut the lab down when safety and security trends at LANL were among the best in the DOE complex as it is to...

Wait a minute: that's not easy to believe.
Another vote FOR the petition from ESA division.
In principle, one person could have written every comment. We need an agency, trusted by both sides, to compile unique but anonymous yays and nays of LANL employees. One way of accomplishing this would be to require responses come from email addresses with duplicates rejected.
I also need my job and I'm low enough on the totem pole that the weight of reprisal would crush what little progress has been made in my career here.

FWIW, the Los Alamos area has in the recent past been assessed at 51% over the national average for cost of housing, groceries cost an average of 10-30% higher than they do in ABQ, gas is slightly cheaper than Santa Fe but no one seems to know why.

The 'whiners' here are tired of being stalled by a stuffed shirt who is so obviously full of his own ego that he cannot even tell the truth to the people who already know it - there was no justifiable reason for the shut down save one, maintaining local control. If Nanos could just for a moment contemplate or consider that the scientists and much of their support staff are not Navy recruits or scum-sucking polywogs with no credentials, he might understand that while tight 'controls' are required to run some experiments and operations safely, 'tightly controlling' people is counterproductive unless you've stripped away their will, personality, mindset, etc. through a very specific process called bootcamp & then applied reprogramming. We must have missed that colloquium/conference/off-site love-in but it seems the SET made it and passed muster.

I think the backpeddling and shifting the nomenclature of the 'shut down' to 'suspension' was clear indication that a 'shut down' would be controlled externally, perhaps even by Congressional vote. Nanos obviously doesn't want anyone external controlling the lab and perhaps there's merit in an extent. We're seeing, I believe, some ill effects from his one-man-show and it's obvious that UC is allowing it because they need him or someone with enough chutzpah to pull a contract out of the hat for them - meaning, 'geez, this is a valuable nugget for them'.

I would disagree only slightly with the poster who stated "we need them (DOE, the US citizenry/taxpayer, etc.) to trust us". We need to be trustworthy - as we have been in the past - but we also need to be able to WORK (safely, certainly) and not made to feel like we've somehow lost our mission, our motivation, and our momentum by a bully or SET of bullies. We used to do work that was of immense value to our nation and still are or would be if we could get through the maze of administrivia.

Even in daily operations the SET and Nanos haven't got a clue since their positions usually include a perk of 'ease of ops' involving a massive effort behind the scenes to ensure that they never have to wait for anything or wade through the trenches that they've mandated. They are clearly out of touch with the reality they've established for others to contend with and done so without much of a clue as to the work or the methods for accomplishing much within the Lab.

I can't say that the road ahead looks cheerful or bright if Nanos and the SET depart as they've created (or added to) quite a mess and I don't know who is waiting in the wings. You never know, it could be worse. (scratch that, I don't think it has ever been or could ever be worse...)

In spite of the possibility (and unknown probability) of things getting worse before they get better if a change in administration is made, I would still say Nanos and his gang must go. Sign me, Anonymous.
Not a proper signature, since I am not at LANL, but just a voice of support. I have been frustrated with working at 2 DOE labs and am ready for greener pastures. I think there is something endemic about DOE's oversight in safety and security - driving management to one-up in punitive overreaction. In a sense what's happening to you folks was inevitable - it just crystalized around the biggest tool of a lab director. It will also continue to happen, regardless of contractor, on a smaller scale at the other labs. Lots of people are frustrated with this climate. The finger pointing should ultimately be toward Germantown.
Nanos: Just resign. For God's sake man, what does it take to get a clue and some conscience. You've screwed this place up worse than anyone could imagine. My informal polling has the lab at about 99% totally disgusted with you. No one trusts anything you say. You are done and the longer you stay, the worse it is for all.
Most of us are pre-Nanos employees. The science and safety record was excellent until the dark cloud "Nanos" unjustifiably tainted the reputation of this laboratory nationally and internationally. We all know that the damage will never be totally repaired but with new leadership we can try to restore a portion of the reputation we were once so proud of. It's difficult for us to understand why Nanos and Cobb remain as the leaders of this institution. We all know the damage they have done but nobody in Washinton, U.C. or DOE have come to OPENLY aid in an investigation that will save this laboratory from doom if the Nanos team remains. Where are our Senators and Congressmen when we need them? Why the silence? This laboratory is so very important to this nation and New Mexico so why can't we get the attention of our representatives? A load of questions need to be answered openly. Just how high up does this cloak of secrecy go? Who's protecting this incompetent laboratory administration?
Nanos must go. Most people are just holding on in the hopes that UC will get the contract and replace Nanos then, or they won't get the contract.
It occurred to me after reading a number of posts that perhaps UC wants to keep Nanos and Cobb around until after they lose the bid so they'll have at least 1 or 2 scapegoats handy.
In reply to the dissenting voice... Yes, maybe Pete should have let an agency above his pay grade shut down the lab. Then Pete could have rallied the troops, come up with a sound plan for going forward and could have shown that LANL can still find solutions to really hard problems.

But no. He joined all of the voices outside of the lab that have been saying that we are whiners, babies and elitist cowboys that just can't seem to keep track of our money or our secrets.

Every time LANL has been bloodied in the press or in Washington it has been done on the thinnest of evidence ( i.e. no evidence ) and when the dust settles the investigating agencies have consistently found that there are not WIDE SPREAD or RAMPANT problems with anything at this laboratory.

Yes, some employees have done stupid things. Some employees have even done illegal things. Make them pay. Use the system. Let the system work. And be as transparant as possible. But don't paint the average employee with a broad brush.

You think we are whiners because we see a problem to which there is no logical solution except the removal of a stuck gear that is holding everything else back? The director has not dealt with the laboratory in an honorable manner. Many do not feel that he is capable of dealing with us in an adult, professional manner. I add my vote of 'no confidence'.

Signed, an MST Division employee

p.s. My mother always said that the free use of profanity indicates one has a small mind without a firm grasp of the english language or an adult vocabulary. I have believed that to be especially true in the professional arena.
Nanos, Cobb, Marquez, Brooks, and Foley must all go!JOIN THE UNION so we can collectively have a voice to make a change at OUR Laboratory!

I grew up in Los Alamos, worked at LANL for 20 years, and this is the worst I have ever seen it.

I support this petition and strongly suggest most members of the SET leave as well. The new executives should make DLs reapply for their positions. LANL needs new leadership.

I sign anonymously since retaliation is alive and well. Hopefully, the new management team will be able to win back employee trust.

TSM/retired military
I've worked over the summers at LANL since 1997 when I started as an undergraduate student in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana (currently ranked 3rd in the nation in mechanical engineering). I've since went back to UIUC and completed my thesis and graduate degree as a joint program with LANL. I couldn't dream of a better location, a more tight-knit community, or a more exciting and interesting career than what was provided by LANL before the shutdown.

After my graduation, I was offered a full-time UC TSM position in one of the most coveted research groups at the laboratory. I turned it down. I truly believe this once-great-laboratory is on the path to complete destruction. For a place that has given so much to me in terms of opportunities, friends, and experiences, it saddens me that all I am able to give in return is this parting note.

Good luck guys and gals. I hope I'm wrong about the future of my summer home-away-from-home for the past 8 years.
Stick a fork in him - he's done.
I have been a technical staff member at the Lab for 24 years. Until recently I had no plans to retire because I enjoyed my technical work at the Lab. However, conditions have degenerated so badly since the work stoppage that I have decided to retire at the end of June. Nanos has allowed the bureaucrats to gain control of the Lab so that practically all we do is fill out useless forms and try to understand all the new confusing rules and procedures governing safety and security. Even when work gets back to “normal”, I believe that the added bureaucracy will be so onerous that very little technical work will get done. I believe a good safety program has to be based on simplicity (so that it can be understood by all) and must be graded so that the most dangerous situations are given the most attention. It is clear we have neither.

I have done my own independent analysis of the Lab’s safety record based on data reported to DOE and find that the Lab’s safety record exceeds the average for all DOE research contractors over the last three years and is good as or better than those of LLNL and SNL. Where did Pete get the numbers he presented at the last all hands meeting for reportable incidents and lost work days? By the way, the viewgraph he showed comparing various safety records has not been made available on the Lab web site, which is the norm for director’s presentations. I do not believe there was firm basis for stopping work at the Lab for such a long period of time on the basis of safety, which is now what the director is tying the shutdown to. As for security, it is clear from various briefings there never was any missing CREM and thus no damage to national security. Needed improvements to safety and security could have been targeted to organizations in the lab that were most in need of improvement rather than standing down the whole Lab. This mismanagement needs to end. I whole heartily support the petition to dump Nanos.
As a frequent poster to this blog - and probationary employee - sign me anonymous in support of the petition.

"You may command obedience; you must earn respect, as it flows up from the bottom."
Remember the first speech? "I will apologize at high noon in front of Macy's"? It's time. Pete out.
I strongly support this attempt to send a signal to UC that they have let the staff at our Laboratory down. The scientists within and without the weapons program are all suffering and productivity has decreased enormously, not only through the ridiculous shut-down but also because morale has never been lower. UC has abrogated its charter, the one important responsibility they have to maintain an atmosphere of trust and integrity. It has been replaced with an environment of fear and intimidation. I do believe the powers that be, certainly John Birely does, understand the problem. And President Dynes has breen told in no uncertain terms, even by people he trusts. Now Admital Foley et al have to develop a path forward that is acceptable to Congress and DOE. And that's hard. Nanos has been a disaster but he does have his supporters in DC. UC does not want to give the impression that the purpotedly arrogant scientists have been unwilling to accept change. UC has painted itself into a corner and the loser is the Laboratory.
Right now Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (the real name before politics became more important than science) sits between two DOEs. There's the DOE Berkeley in the person of RADM "Sly" Foley (former head of DOE Defense Programs, now NNSA) and DOE Forrestal in the person of Captain/NNSA Ambassador/Administrator Brooks. Both of these former US Navy officers seem to be reporting "aye, aye, sir" to VADM Nanos, as their senior officer. Old habits are slow in dying. This triad has to plot a course out of here.
Right now Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory (the real name before politics became more important than science) sits between two DOEs. There's the DOE Berkeley in the person of RADM "Sly" Foley (former head of DOE Defense Programs, now NNSA) and DOE Forrestal in the person of Captain/NNSA Ambassador/Administrator Brooks. Both of these former US Navy officers seem to be reporting "aye, aye, sir" to VADM Nanos, as their senior officer. Old habits are slow in dying. This triad has to plot a course out of here.
I believe that's not quite right. Admiral Foley had 4 stars while on active duty. Vice Admiral Nanos had two stars and received his 3rd upon retirment. Hence, Adm. Foley outranked them all. However, this is all beside the point. Nanos is who he is, acts as he acts, destructively, as a result of his genes and his background; the stars contribute but they are not a determining factor.
Dear Dr. Dynes, Dr. Bodman, Members of the US Congress,

For six decades, the Los Alamos Laboratory played a key role in defending our country. This was made possible by many dedicated, hard-working, and brilliant scientists and engineers. These people could have easily found good positions at leading universities and high-tech companies, but chose instead to come here, a remote, isolated place, to work on something they thought was important for the Nation.

For the past two years, Mr. Nanos has waged a brutal and devastating war on the very scientists and engineers. The damage he has caused to the security of this Nation is immense and continues to multiply with every passing day. There is no doubt in my mind, and the minds of many LANL employees who witnessed Mr. Nanos’ actions firsthand, that Mr. Nanos has committed high crimes against the long-term security of the United States of America.

Those in power – at the University of California, Department of Energy, and the United States Congress – who continue standing idly by while the gem of the National Laboratory system is being devastated, risk becoming accomplices in the crime.

As an American citizen, I am proud to support the calls to remove Mr. Nanos from his current position of the Laboratory Director. I feel it my duty to call on you, Dr. Dynes, Dr. Bodman, Members of the US Congress, to put an end to this terrible, dark chapter in our Nation’s history.
Hello bloggers.

We have an interesting situation here.

There are 89 comments but it takes a few hours worth of reading to figure out, and only approximately so, how many can be counted as signing the petition. What is needed is a starightforward mechanism that allows signatures of the petition, one that keeps track of LANL employees versus non-employees. And yes, the voices of former employees, employee spouses, and US taxpayers do matter.

Is the goal to vent/comiserate or is it to come up on a short time scale, certainly shorter than the time it take DOE to bid the contract, with a letter to the UC administration stating that a significant fraction of LANL employees supports the petition. If it is the latter than an effective electronic mechanism for publicizing the petition should be put in place, too.

I have already signed this petition anonymously.
In his first speech to LANL employees, Nanos cited a woman he had met on the elevator who had hurt her leg on uneven concrete. He vowed to eliminate all slipping and tripping hazards immediately, saying the Navy would never have tolerated such conditions.
The woman was fired as fast as possible after that speech. Now when Nanos reports slipping and tripping accidents in the snow, it is the fault of "improper footware". Need I say more?
I hereby sign this petition.
This story (Nanos firing a woman who tripped) is just crap, and detracts from the credibility of everything else.
I have worked for the lab for 20 yr. and have never seen it in such a sorry state.
Agreed. I wish I could sign, but I need the job (I used to like my job too, but those days seem to be over).

Signed - another PADNWP employee
I have to agree that not many people seem to know about this site. This may be causing your low response rate as everyone I know is completely disgusted with Nanos and his crew. One thing Nanos likes to point to is his success in fixing the purchasing system. He needs to talk to the vendors he has put out of business due to the complexity that has been added and the lack of business for 6 months. The system is so broken now one can barely get the job done if you need to buy anything in a reasonable amount of time. The ACREM libraries are creating more Wen Ho Lee situations as staff finds ways to work around those rules. Nanos has created one of the most serious security problems imagineable based on no loss of anything at DX. He obviously has to go and this list needs to go Congress as well as the University. Anonymous due to known retribution in my own family.
Nanos will be out Sept. 30 if not earlier, so why vote?

Yes, this is the worst it has ever been here (speaking from 15 1/2 years as a TSM, previously DOE employee). The oversight from DOE, Congress, and NNSA, lack thereof from UC, are significant contributors along with the suspiciously rampant over reactive media coverage on LANL. Money, politics, something's behind this.

It is very sad to see here what fear and powerlessness lead to. I agree with what's been stated above: Nanos is our punishment, not the original problem and removing him will not solve the problem. I can where intent may be fulfilled in purging the lab and that may very well have been his hired purpose. Has anyone looked across America lately? Corporations, laboratories, etc. Where has science gone? Where has holding leaders accountable gone? Who anymore expects ethics in business? Why should LANL be any different?

One note on retaliation here at LANL: the outside legal firm that trained the managers to "recognize and prevent" retaliation admitted that in all the surveys they have ever taken, LANL had the highest perception of retaliation they have ever seen. As compared to many nuclear facilities and companies. Costly stand-downs at nuclear facilities have been mandated by the NRC simply to "correct" high perceptions of retaliation. Why aren't we doing that here? That wasn't even an issue in the Management Self Assessments in the Restart, as I recall.

We need to bring problems to the surface in a peer-reviewed fashion, open to discussion, with no fear of reprisal. Then safety and security issues may be prioritized, strategized and resolved.

Retaliation here is real and career killing. Extending across the oceans, even. This is a one-company town. Get fired or forced out here and you must leave. And LANL has influence across the world in our specialties. So if you really cause a stink, our Chief of Staffs have no problem contacting other companies to simply say "this person has some issues."

And having national news coverage of newly hired employees (either fired or not) who do not understand the technicalities behind what they observe, who exponentially overstate these observations, does not help! Whatever happened to investigative reporting?

Of course we're all signing anonymously. ADWEM, as Division would be too revealing and dishonorable.

LANL - Where the Zeal to Achieve Mediocrity is Unexcelled
I willingly add my vote to such a petition to get rid of Nanos as director. From everything I have seen and heard from this man, he has no respect for the scientific work trying to be done here, nor of the work that was done before. Just who does he think he is? He has no leadership skills and no positive vision that I can see. Yep, he's sure to keep playing footsie with the politicians as long as they're all scratching each other's backs. At whose expense is that? The entire U.S. citizenry! Count me in on the vote!
New Mexico State Criminal Code states:
30-3-1 Assault.
Assault consists of either:
A. an attempt to commit a battery upon the person of another;
B. Any unlawful act, threat, or menacing conduct which causes another person to reasonably believe he is in danger of receiving an immediate battery; or
C. The use of insulting language toward another impugning his honor, delicacy, or reputation.
Whoever commits an assault is guilty of a petty misdemeanor.

Thus it appears that Mr. Nanos' all-hand speach were he called us all buttheads was a criminal misdemeanor under 30-3-1C, as was his accusing Mr Holian of perjury. If the postings here are accurate, Mr. Nanos is in fact guilty of regularly criminally assaulting the employees at this laboratory.

To have a director who regularly commits criminal acts, even if they are just 'petty misdemeanors', is a disgrace to this laboratory and the nation.

Further - assault is a reportable Q-clearance issue, as well as an act of workplace violence and a violation of several AMs and the LANL Code of Ethics - signed by Mr. Nanos...

Thus I add my name to this petition (anonymously, as Mr. Nanos has already specifically threatened to retaliate against me - fortunately in front of a witness willing to go on record to that effect should Mr. Nanos follow through on his threat).
I am signing anonymously since I am a new employee...and it's understandable why people are afraid of retaliation in the current poisonous atmosphere. I'm staying to see what happens this fall, and strongly wish to see Nanos GONE. And it is easy to see how little support he a video of his talks with the auditorium practically empty.
I've only been here 10 years. I can't retire yet and doubt I could sell my house to get out of here. I'm waiting in dread of the next safety or security incident, because all labs have them but we could all lose our jobs over one. I'm still here because I feel trapped.

I don't know anyone who supports Nanos and I'm not in DX. I've seen leaders of other instututions defend their employees. I doubt our next "leader" will have the will to marshall the arguments in our defense either, but we can't do much worse. Pete needs to go.
While it's not yet too late to call for the Director's resignation, Dr. Dynes should have taken such action at the outset. The real tragedy is that by failing to do so in a timely manner, Dr. Dynes and the Regents demonstrate that the UC isn't capable of managing a national laboratory. The UC missed an opportunity to send a strong message to the NNSA, the Congress, and the LANL management.
I support this petition to remove Nanos.
I fully support this petition. Nanos must go for the good of the lab.
I support the petition to remove Nanos. It is clear the shutdown was stupid and has destroyed the lab. Moral is bad and respect for the management at all levels is zero. The only management figures I have any respect for are those who have resigned.

I sign anonymously out of fear of reprisal by petty people on power trips.
I live in Santa Fe and I talk to neighbors about the lab. I believe in the importance of nuclear weapons and often argue for LANL when neighbors make a disparaging comment. Now I have a neighbor who actually works for the lab and has a clearance. He says that the lab and its programs are far worse than the public can see and LANL claims of greatness are not accepted outside of Northern New Mexico. I asked him about the “Great Science” that gets mentioned after each scandal and he asked me what I thought “Great Science” meant. I showed him some press releases about RD 100 awards and that the new Secretary of Energy was coming to meet the award winner. He said that the magazine that gives the awards is just a free advertiser like the Reporter but without a real scientific staff. He further said that the lab actually pays for the awards! Using those awards, he said, to evaluate a lab is like evaluating a quarterback by his publicity budget. He went on to say that almost none of the projects with prizes had value because no one would pay for the patents, if there were any. “Furthermore,” he said, “the programs are not always funded for long after the lab claims the prize.” He points out that he has lived in Santa Fe for many years because every get together in Los Alamos turned into a gripe session about salaries and that a lab job gets paid double the same job in Santa Fe!
These conversations make me feel like I’m arguing with a clever Satan in the C.S. Lewis novel “That Hideous Strength.” Can someone clarify this argument for me? How could a reputable institution tie its success to these awards? Please tell me about some of the technical successes that come out of the lab! I must admit, however, that some of the revelations in this Blog, if true, are potent arguments for shutting your lab down.
The lab shut down and the actions of Pete Nanos have affected more than just lab emloyees. My husband works for the lab. It was frustrating for me to see him so downtrodden during the shut-down. Now that he is back up and working, things have not immroved. He is buried in mountains of un-necessary and often repetitive paperwork that make getting anything done impossible. It's also frustrating that managment wants the back log of work to be done "yesterday". Every good incentive and thing my husband loved about his job is gone. Thanks Nanos for making life in Los Alamos hell. Furthermore, it's a sad thing that so many of the people that have signed this fear reprisals and have had to sign anonmously. To protect my husband I will do so as well. Get rid of Nanos!!
Come-on Pete. Do the honorable thing and just resign. The lab and the nation will be better off for it. You blew this assignment.
I have a son and daughter who are very talented, degreed science folk now and they were thinking they might like to work at the Lab. They both asked me what I thought and I told them I could not in clear conscience recommend a career at LANL. Since July 2004, there has been created an air of suspicion, tattling on co-workers, inability to get any work done for the red tape and newly created fear at upper management levels of getting crossways with the Director, and instability of the work situation and future of the Lab. If I had been asked the question by them in the 1970s, 1980s, or possibly the 1990s it would certainly have been a 100% positive response. I wonder why in the world anyone would even consider working at a place like LANL, which seems to now stop slightly short of becoming a communistic society -- thank you PN. The retaliation against people who speak out is real, and I have no faith or trust in the Lab's upper management, so this is anon. Out with PN!!!
To summarize this attempt at a petition to remove Nanos as Director of LANL:

-Brad Lee Holian
-John N. Horne
-David F. Simmons
-Scott A. Watson
-Luce Salas

-Anonymous (90+, largely afraid of retaliation)
-Ambiguous (uncertain number)

If you were Pres. Dynes, what would you do?

Assume that the ones who signed are brave souls? looney tunes? perennial complainers?

And the rest are cowards? looney tunes? perennial complainers?

But what if there is a thread of truth running throughout this amorphous bunch of postings?

What if this Blog, put forth by the courageous Doug Roberts, really tells a story about LANL that Congress, DOE, NNSA, and UC should be listening to very carefully?

What are you going to do, Pres. Dynes? Let us hear from you; sign in please; the suspense is killing us!
I have to respond to the poster from
Santa Fe on the science at Los Alamos. Los Alamos is of course a weapons lab; however, it still has a small portion of basic science done as well. Most good news you hear about Los Alamos comes from the basic science part. It is incorrect to say Los Alamos is not known beyond New Mexico. In fact in terms of scientific publications in the very top journals such as Science, Nature, and Physical Review Letters, Los Alamos is the top of all the DOE labs and is in the top 10 of all the institutions in the world. In fact I believe one of the top cited articles in Nature came from LANL; it was on theoretical work on HIV that paved the way for the modern treatment which has prolonged countless lives. There is also top work done on particle physics, geophysics, high temperture superconductors, nonlinear dynamics, chaos, protein folding, high-performance computing, quantum computing, quantum information, epidemics, turbulence, protein folding, solitons, and materials science. Additionally, it is pretty certain that the Nobel prize in physics will be awarded for work done on heavy fermion materials, which was done at Los Alamos. I always find it enjoyable that no matter what conference I attend, there is always a mention of work done at Los Alamos. Further, at LANL there are people who are also some of the best scientists in the world. In my division it is basically understood that in order to get hired you need an external faculty offer at a PhD granting research institution. So do not fool yourself, the best people can and will leave. People in my division over the past 3-4 years have had faculty offers at MIT, Chicago, Cornell, Michigan,
UCD, UCR, Ohio State, NYU, Dartmouth, Northwestern, RPI,
Texas A&M, Tulane, Emory, Purdue,
LSU, Florida State, and U of Arizona. There are many more that I am not aware of. Again I can only speak for my division but I can tell you the people work tremendously hard. The young people easily put in more than 60-70 hours a week. Most of us could easily have done many other things with our lives and would certainly be paid a lot more than we get at Los Alamos. If Los Alamos contines to be diminished then it will be a huge blow to the United States. It will also send a clear message to young people that the United States no longer values science and it is best to consider other career paths. This would truly be a tragedy for our nation.
Thank you for your answer. It seemed like a very good response. My LANL friend called me up, though, and said several things. And, with your permission, it will be my last posting. He pointed out that your letter did not dare to address my questions about the RD awards and the horrible lab performance with patents. He went on much further, too. He said that these academic researchers don’t represent the lab as a whole, which is largely funded by “programs”. He said further that the papers often come out of ”LRD money” which, by definition, have nothing to do with programs and don’t pay for the gigantic overhead. He said that the academic researchers don’t pay for the salaries of non-functioning scientists on “overhead” and went on to quote a report by Motorola that said that only a seventh of the people were scientists and everyone else was called support. He said that LANL responded to the report by firing more than a hundred people but they were either scientists or minorities and they were all rehired and paid off. He tends to go over the top when we talk about Santa Fe county government, so I take what he says with a grain of salt.
He also said that everyone gets the big salaries even if he was in charge of plumbing like the guy who just went to jail and that the people who the Lab cops complained to are still in charge even though they fired the cops and covered up the embezzling. In other words everybody wants big money and these few good scientists are an excellent excuse. Those academics, he said, are careful not to get involved in big programs that may be based on bad science. He didn’t want to give examples. He told me to ask what happened to the contractor that had to go to a congressional committee to expose Bussolini. Furthermore, he said that he wouldn’t write to this blog because everyone is complaining about their gigantic pensions even though they don’t even pay for them!
These are unpleasant issues that I’m bringing up. I’m not sure of the truth behind them but I hope that some of the bloggers will address them. Clearly, my friend’s picture of LANL seems to indicate that its closure could be tolerated. His last comment was “Did anyone outside of Northern New Mexico notice the 6 month shutdown? Was it a “huge blow” to the free world?”
What’s happened to our brave, anonymous vote? Have we forgotten what sort of monster has the directorship? Remember how good it was before Nanos. It wasn’t until he hid the NEST drive behind the Xerox machine that all our problems began. He had no right to order all the sporting goods and fire the ex-cops who wanted to prosecute. Didn’t he realize that putting that shy, nearly 60-year-old Chinese weapons modeler’s job at risk might create a problem? Why didn’t he hold the student rightfully responsible for the laser injury? How about all those competitions that we lost to the other labs? Or those embarrassing Acronym-named programs that made no sense at all? Doesn’t he know that a good director should come from intelligent, well-thought-out programs like accelerator production of tritium (APT)? So what if the power plant that powered the whole thing could make plenty of tritium without the accelerator. The important thing is that our salaries increased and we were proud of ourselves.
Please do what any good person would do that has destroyed a good place to work, LEAVE! I dont think your wanted here any longer. Im sure you can find a crab ship in Alaska to navigate.

Sign Annoymous because I feel retribution from management.
Just a quick comment regarding the Santa Fe labbie quoted: nothing's incorrect that I can see, nor overstated. Except about Bussolini - the papers and everyone here insists his high salary was due to his being a Team Leader. Please be aware that the October 2001 salary listings show him to be Deputy Division Leader yet both the June and October 2002 listings show him as demoted to Group Leader. Please also note he received $7K in raises during the same time frame. Thank you UPTE, for providing us all with a real service.

This guy was a high level LANL manager that LANL doesn't want to admit to. And by demoting him before firing him, they can claim “he was only a Team Leader". He must have been demoted to Team Leader right before his firing. Even today, his salary ranks among the high level managers and would not represent most TSMs.
I agree: this Director verbally assaulted LANL workers, tried to explain but confused blasphemy with debased speech, and deserves a Congressional investigation. 15+ yrs. at LANL, 17+ yrs at a DOW Industrial employer.
Another quick comment to reply to the person from Santa Fe.

Your friend is correct. Most of the papers in Nature, etc... mentioned come from LDRD money. Considering that this is such a small portion of the lab's budget, it leads to a large scientific result.

Some may question the relevance of this work; personally, I think this kind of work is very valuable to everything else here. But that is not the point I would like to make. The point I would like to make is that in the one area where a person from outside can measure the quality of the lab's work (because the results are not classified and are freely available) the lab does extremely well. I have no way to judge the overall quality of other work at LANL. But in this one case, the lab does well.
I work for ENV and I certainly cannot put my real name, but I hope UC reads this. Time to be a man Pete, admit you screwed up and slandered people or get the hell out, no better yet, just leave.
Signed-Anonymous DX employee
Signed anonymous ADTR employee watching their career go down the toilet.
I believe most of us accept the fact that change is envitable. Change can be a good thing and if done right can position an organization for a better future. But at the Laboratory the methods used to initiate change have been disappointing to say the least. The carnage has been appalling with wasted resources and burned-out, scared employees. With a strong LEADER, a clear vision and a stong guiding team, we who have devoted our careers to the institution could have been inspired rather than demoralized. I sign my name to this petition.
Sue (Goff) Chasen
27 year of service at the Laboratory
Signed anonymously with love- another NMT employee against Skipper Nanos.
U.C. may finally be serious about replacing Nanos and Cobb. I suggest they consider Kauppila and Horne to replace them.
.....ummmmm. That really would be the final nail!
Pete: Just resign. UC is looking for a replacement anyway!
Signed-Anonymous CCS TSM
Signed-TSM 11+ years of service. Nanos must go.
With the death of Hans Bethe, one tends to reflect on how good things used to be here. They certainly won't be like that again with Nanos "in charge". Perhaps we can send him back to the navy. But I guess they didn't want him either.
Another anonymous signature, and this time coming from a manager, although not a very important one. 24 years at the lab, by the way, and I still consider it the greatest concentration of scientists in the world, if not the one that does "the world's greatest science protecting America" -- you have to DO science to qualify for that.
Time to stop the good old boys by standing together
Signed-Anonymous D Division TSM, 15 years.
I believe Nanos will go after the contract is renewed. I also think the conservatives can't stand to see a lab not being run by industry. Why is it when Sandia can't find a disk it's no big deal? Not only is LANL not run by industry but it's that liberal UC!!!
After 28 years service to the lab including 3 years at NTS, I have discovered that I am a cowboy and a butt head. Well this butt head believes it is time for the University of California remove the cowboy want-a-be who is destroying this lab.
Count my vote in favor of removing Nanos before he completely sinks the ship. I support this Old Hand Manager here with the good fortune of seeing the Director role carried out well for years and years before he showed up to punch holes in the bulkhead.
I love my job as a 15+ year TSM. I have many years experience in industry gained prior to coming to LANL. When I came here, I noticed that the safety environment was 10 years behind that in industry. I helped bring it along, and the rules made sense. As a second generation Labbie with both parents devoting careers to LASL/LANL, I was in awe of the achievements of this great laboratory. Now, I look at the place, and grieve for the simplicity of the requirements that existed in the not-so-distant past. ISM and ISSM have been the coffin that LANL is being buried in. IWM is adding the nails, and Nanos is actively using the shovel to cover it with the dirt that is DOE. I have buried two other institutions, but never in my wildest imagination did I think that LANL could ever go under!! The root of the current problems are founded in the willingness of everyone to completely ignore the laws when it comes to equal pay for equal work, and fair and just promotion. What happened to ethics? Why does LANL promote the most unethical behavior and completely ignore hard-work and honesty? We need UPTE now more than ever and I recently joined so that at least my money is where my mouth is. If you want a place to legitimately collect signatures, why not UPTE? Discrimination in hiring, promotion and compensation is rampant. The longer I stay here, the lower my salary becomes with respect to new staff's salaries. So, there is age discrimination too! How much worse can it get? Why can't we promote people based on their experience and work ethics rather than the "paper" they got from some Ivory Tower? Why the arrogance from so many very intelligent people? Because you were able to persist in our irrelevant educational system does not make you smarter than those who got their degrees in the "school of life" and are out there applying what they learned. Experienced employees make better managers. Until we can eliminate the bureaucracy from safety and security and do "effective" control, as well as promote and hire based on logical, ethical rationale, we are doomed. Even if I was able to hold on to my full pension benefits, who really wants to work in whatever LANL will be under a Lockheed-Martin? Fix the bureaucracy and let us get back to work!! Nanos is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, I, like most of the signatories to this petition, cannot afford to lose my job, so I too will take the cowards way out. I am already being discriminated against, retaliation on top of that would be too much.
Chemistry division postdoc
The Navy doesn't want Nanos. Defrock him.
I fully support this petition. Nanos and his troops of incompetence must be removed. What I have witnessed in their so called review of safety practices is a paper trail that relinquishes upper management from accountability and a plethora of paper pushing exercises with the sole purpose of creating intimidation. Nanos' time in Los Alamos is synonymous with wasted time and wasted paper. What has shocked me the most is the lack of opposition. I would have never thought that the core of LANL would be so weak.

Fivos R Drymiotis
Post-doc MST-NHMFL
This may be a formality at this point, but you have my anonymous signature.

I liked his no-nonsense style when he arrived but was appalled at his sweeping disregard for rational decision making and overwhelming need to be right at all times without any input.

If a real petition ever comes around, I'll sign that one too, with my name... but it needs to have some chops to it.
To all those that “can’t afford to loose your job” – are you that unemployable? If so, then why should you have a job at LANL in the first place? If not, why be afraid to stick you neck out, isn’t it worth the risk? After all, believe it or not, there is life outside of LA and LANL. I would bet that if you quit your job tomorrow to seek new employment, you would be much happier a year from now. That would be LANL’s loss, of course. But wouldn’t it be nice to do something fun for a change?
I too am pleased to have the opportunity to sign a petition supporting the ouster of Nanos.
He has been a dismal failure as director and it is way past time that UC stood up and admitted its mistake in bringing him "on board".
He is a hopeless reactionary and a fascist warmonger. Remove him.

Winston "ErBu" Zhang
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