Thursday, February 10, 2005

Petition to Remove Director Nanos

The old cowhand is surprised that no one has started a petition to remove Director Nanos
and has attached a draft petition below. He welcomes suggestions for wording of the petition
and how to gather signatures. He has no fear of retaliation since his last day is in March.
( What could scare an old cowhand anyway after riding the range all these years.)
But he is saddened by what is going on at the Lab, likes to see people get what they
deserve and would like to make the world a better place before he rides out.

This the old cowhand from the Rio Grande hopin' you'll help and wishin' you Happy Trails!

David F. Simmons
Soon-to-be-Ex Technical Staff Member
DX Division (where the deer and the elk play)


Robert Dynes, President
University of California


-- Los Alamos National Laboratory has officially concluded that no classified media
was ever lost nor any classified information jeopardized in the classified media
incident of July 2004.
-- The reaction by Director Nanos to this incident of shutting down the entire
Laboratory was hasty and unnecessary and has resulted in serious damage to LANL
including triggering the rebidding of the LANL contract which threatens
to cause a mass exodus of senior LANL employees.
-- Throughout this incident Director Nanos instead of defending the Laboratory has
been a severe and verbally abusive critic of the staff of institution he has
managed for more than two years.
-- Director Nanos has created an atmosphere of fear and intimidation at LANL and
crippled it with useless red tape.
-- Peter Nanos has demonstrated that he has neither the judgment nor the temperament
to serve as Director of the Laboratory.

We the undersigned employees of Los Alamos National Laboratory respectfully request that:

-- Peter Nanos be immediately relieved as Director of Los Alamos National
Laboratory as the first step in the healing and recovery process that must now
-- The next director of LANL be a former working scientist with management experience
such as yourself and not a career military officer.

Sign me up, but I still need my job.
Is there any way that someone could arrange to have a vote-of-no confidence for Nanos taken among employees at the laboratory? I realize that this would be a difficult task, but how could someone go about organizing such a thing? I think that if a large number of employees turned out with a high percentage of 'No' votes, the press would be all over it and perhaps it would force someone's hand on the issue.
Why not use this blog to record votes?
Thoughts on wording -
It was decided that LANL should be rebid back in Spring 03, so the July 04 stand down didn't actually trigger rebidding.

July 04's missing CREM did shut down all DOE facilities across the country for an average of two weeks each last summer.
Naval tradition has the captain going down with his ship. In this case, maybe the captain should commandeer a life boat, escape the sinking ship, and hope that his leaving will bring it back afloat.
I think the blog is pretty clear what the overall sentiment is at LANL concerning Nanos. He must go.
I agree, but I still need my job, it;'s about family.
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