Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Not a "happy new year"

From Anonymous:


Contrary to public statements, not all of LANL has restarted and it is not a "happy new year". Most of DX is still shut down (7 months today). The main reason for this is all of DX was declared "high risk" level 3, even though most operations are minimal risk.

I retired from the Lab at the end of July 2004. Since then, I have received little information from colleagues in DX Division about restart activities and I have serious concerns about resumption of work after such a long time. I would appreciate any information my friends in DX would share with me.

Larry Creamer, DX-1 (Ret.)
I was sorry to read this, because I thought that the Director was finally changing. After reading the Director's last epistle of what a great job he is doing, he stated that even though several of the category 3's hadn't gotten there paperwork done for the restart approval, that he was going to start them up as 'essential work'anyway after Jan 31. Course I wondered why that hadn't occurred to him 7 months ago that scientific work at the Lab was essential work, but at least he seemed to be learning, even if he didn't admit his mistake. Is there something wrong with this picture?
good luck larry. the very few responses i have gotten from my friends still trapped in this mess tells me they are all too depresses to communicate.
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