Tuesday, February 08, 2005

NNSA Test?

From Anonymous:

Readers of LANL: The Real Story might be interested in the
following recent email from acting ADSR Devaurs.

What I find particularly concerning is the 'comment' following
the third bullet. Is the contract competition really designed to cause
us stress and anxiety? Was this added by Nanos or did this
come from Devaurs? The draft RFP was bad enough but is the
entire process another 'test' that NNSA is subjecting us to in order
to weed out the weak?

From: Micheline Devaurs
Subject: SR news this week


As usual, another busy week. The Laboratory is now fully resumed, thanks in great part to all of your efforts. Although SR work has been fully resumed for some time, other Divisions and operations are only now restarting. The focus will now shift to Operational Excellence (OE).

At the LIM this week, Pete Nanos congratulated the Laboratory on achieving restart and then proceeded to outline 4 key challenges we face as an institution for the coming months.
* We need to focus on delivery on our programmatic commitments.
* We need to have vigilance and not allow ourselves to fall back in the operational assurance area.
* We need to recognize that the contract competition will be a continuing source of risk and anxiety for our staff. It is designed to do this so we should not be surprised.
* We need to get back to our marketing and program development game plan.

Pete Nanos discussed the fact that he has met with both the Congressional delegation and the new Secretary of Energy and discussed the issue of employee benefits, the change of which will result in employee decisions regarding early retirement. The response from all parties is that they recognize the challenge and are working to obviate any drastic impact on benefits resulting from the contract decision. The quote attributed to the congressional delegation is that "drastic changes in benefits will be dead on arrival". there is recognition though that some changes will almost certainly occur.

Are you kidding? Acting ADSR Devaurs would never write anything on her own when it is related to something the Director speaks about. That's why she's there.
I would have to agree. I cannot see any reason for Mz. Devaurs to occupy one of the AD seats, even in an acting capacity, other than her exquisite qualifications as a yes-person to Nanos.
"The Laboratory is now fully resumed..." What???? Most of DX and some other groups are still shut down. The big lie continues!
Somebody give me hope!
If the lab truly wanted to weed out the yard, they could start with calling a halt to giving raises, new jobs, bonuses, and special consideration to people who are filing bogus and unbased lawsuits. Next go on to people who can not do their job properly, but threaten discrimination lawsuits and actions when challenged on their inability to do their jobs. This would open up space for skilled folks to come in and take over without fear of being accused of discrimination for simply doing a better job. Next get rid of placesitting middle managment who refuse to change or challenge things because it might upset their retirement plans.

Get rid of all of these people, and let folks who are interested in the welfare of the lab, the state, and the nation ( instead of their own hides ) steer the boat for a while.
Jeez, is Ms. Devaurs, smoking crack? The laboratory is on the verge of total collapse and Devaurs is touting the Nanos party line. Do these ADs really think that anyone believes the propoganda coming out of the the SET and LIM? Devaurs should jump ship while there is still room on a lifeboat.
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