Friday, February 18, 2005

NNSA Service Center's web page

From Anonymous:
Check out the postings for Feb. 18, 2005 on the NNSA Service Center's web page for the contract competition.
It appears to me that NNSA is getting even for all the complaints they have been receiving from the Laboratory Employees. It doesn't look good for the retention of the workforce after the contract rolls.

Many of the issues that were sent to the SEB were addressed favorably in this interim RFP, the bad news is that the contract award is raised to over 50 million, thus the UC just got more motivated competition.
Some might view that as good news. Some of us just plain are not impressed with UC.
The propsed changes regarding present employees and options as far as UCRP goes really stink. If you are vested and can retire or become inactive under UCRP why if you want stay on would you be treated as new employee? I can see that being the case with pension benefits but with sick, vacation accrual it should not make a difference.
A better link to the SEB changes/admenments.
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