Saturday, February 19, 2005

Nanos to Washington

From Anonymous:

I was told that Nanos had to cancel a number of meetings at LANL next week because he was called to Washington. Does anybody know what that is about?

Hopefully he is getting called on the carpet. I noticed last week that there were quite a few hits on the site from,, and
How do you know where the hits are coming from?
Go to the sidebar and the hits counter then ask for details on the right. This will give you the IP provider and other information. For instance someone from lbl looked at the page today (2/19/05).
Likewise, I've also noticed heavy visits from both "doeal" (DOE/ABQ and DOE HQ. Look at the "Local Time" for a site, and you'll get a good idea whether the visitors are coming from the local area (ie, MST) or possibly from WashDC (ie, EST).

Unfortunately, I only saw one visit from UCOP (UC Office of Pres), and it was a short one. UC has really been missing from this whole debate.

I suspect it is only a matter of time before news of this blog hits the big-time media outlets. It will be interesting to see if there is finally some pressure by the Feds or others at some point to shut this thing down. It's become the chief means for staff to really find out what's going on inside the lab, and I doubt that some of the powers up above are happy about that. Then again, perhaps DOE HQ is starting to get a better picture of what is really happening inside this place. I hope so.
Let's hope the new DOE head will realize what a diseaster Nanos is and send him packing.
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