Sunday, February 06, 2005

Nanos' Mission

From Anonymous:

The call for Nanos to quit, when the man is doing a perfect job, probably will accomplish little. His job is to demoralize and rip the lab apart, and he is very good at it. The lab needs to outsource facility management, and soon the entire waste management and environmental work. So where do you get the approximately 2,000 positions required to do this, if a RIF (LANL is not good at this)is not an option? Well guess what, there are 2,200 employees over the age of 55 at LANL, and 3,700 over the age of 50. If one can anger enough of these people, by making their work environment a living hell, maybe enough will retire or leave.
Do not kid yourself, there are only a handful of people that really need to be retained.
What to do? Relax a little and follow the revised RFP. Make no mistake, the reason that Nanos appears so glum lately is that together with our political advocates we shot huge holes in his ship.
If we hang together, and endure the man a little longer, we will still be here and he will be gone. In the next few months, when management makes us do something really stupid, smile and think how nice it will be when THEY are gone. So for a while, just smile.

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