Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My Vote for Comment of the Week

"Does this guy really think I'm going to appreciate a sentimental Christmas or New Year's "card" from a guy who has insulted me and my co-workers by every possible means, with no intervening expression of remorse?"

I just had to post a comment to tell you that your blog is excellent. The public doesn't realize how truly tragic it is to see LANL in such a downward spiral. Muc like David Simmons (post dated 1-28-05), I am weighing similar options. I am a TSM who has been at the lab for 2 years. I spent the summer of 1999 here as a summer student (yes, I decided to come back even after the summer of Wen Ho Lee) and was really taken by the sheer possibilities of the place. Now I am nothing but depressed by how backwards this place is. Every now and then, my husband and I get these panic attacks of, "Oh my gosh...we are actually in charge of nuclear weapons at this place!" You would never know with the quality (or lack thereof) of upper-level management.

Without realizing a LANL-related blog existed, I started my own a few weeks ago (, which is more a personal account of how this place is so messed up. Drop by if you are bored.

Thank you for such a courageous act to speak out!
I grew up in this town and many in my family have worked for the Lab, as I now currently do. This place has always been "messed up." Whether it was the elite driving forces of the real old boy's school where people made up the rules as they went along and many were oppressed or the poor work ethic of too many in the LANL work force today, the causes of the cultural dysfunction are many. Perhaps there will be a better LANL and a better Los Alamos yet to come with your focus on the good you can bring to bear here, CJ.

And as for the orginial poster: I didn't realize that Nanos' email was all about you. It is too bad to see you take such offense. Sure it might be ironic from your perspective, but Nanos is doing what is the best thing to do as a leader in his role. CEOs do much less to communicate with their workforces in the real world depending on the industry, I assure you.

What would you do if you were the Director of the Lab--and I mean since 2003 with respect to everything that has occurred and that the job demands (not just on this account)! Do you have the proven experience to the job better?

While your sentiment is likely shared by many who feel his presence was never necessary here, Nanos has nothing about which to apologize. He has been going after his job as a true leader does, and he has had to confront some very unpleasant realities in Los Alamos.

Just for a moment, imagine what the perspective is from the outside--most people I've met while living outside of NM in a large metropolitan area don't hold Los Alamos in the same estemm as you do. Just think about that: this self-importance you have just isn't clear at all to the rest of the national public. So get over it, and do what you can to seek good in others, in your workplace, and in your professional contribution to national security and discovery. Maybe your work in this area will one day make it possible for Los Alamos and the people who live here to travel or live elsewhere with a more positive experience than most can enjoy today.

I am hopeful you will be able to get over yourself, take things you know don't apply to you less personally, and see the good intent. No body owes you anything on this account.
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