Monday, February 14, 2005

More on NNSA

From Anonymous:

Gee, Pete [Domenici], now you are "upset that NNSA has slashed funding for the University of California, which operates the Los Alamos lab for the government" and you think "the university and the lab are not totally responsible for the problems".

It's about time. Where have you been for the last 7 months? What a sinkhole for money NNSA has been, particularly since its launching was based upon Wen Ho Lee, and we all know the outcome of that investigation. It was certainly humorous to see pictures in the Los Alamos Monitor of the FBI in protective gear searching the County dump for Wen Ho's tapes! And the assumption that someone born in Taiwan would spy for the Red Chinese was a tremendous leap. Another waste of money, an apology by a federal judge, another botched FBI investigation - yet it was LANL's fault.

How about the funding requests that NNSA did not include in the budget that would have helped to prevent the missing barcodes? Why aren't they being held responsible for their decisions?

How about different security rules at LLNL and LANL (we all know who the favorite is)? As an example, at LANL if mail containing classified information is sent out on the unclassified network, it's a security issue. At LLNL, only if that email goes outside LLNL is it a security issue. Now do you really suppose that LLNL is reporting email that goes outside LLNL? And do you really suppose that LLNL even knows if it happens? And why doesn't NNSA insist that both LLNL and LANL follow the same rules - the LANL rules which are more secure? And why doesn't NNSA publicly praise LANL for its more stringent rules?

NNSA wastes too much money trying to defend parts of LANL from truck bombs without any concern for the folks who pass that area on their way to and from their homes in the Jemez and without any regard for the promises made to Los Alamos County to help develop more local businesses that would make the County more self-sufficient by giving them land on the north side of West Jemez Road. Maybe Los Alamos taxpayers should file a suit against DOE/NNSA for breach of contract.

I venture to say that NNSA has spent a lot of time researching the government's treatment of Native Americans and has decided to apply the same principles to LANL and Los Alamos County.

Finally, don't spend time listening to Nuclear Watch of New Mexico. They have one agenda - close LANL and to hell with everyone in northern New Mexico. They are a very vocal minority which is only interested in criticizing LANL at every opportunity. They do not respect anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. They have benefitted from LANL research without giving it any credit.

The bottom line is that problems go much deeper than missing barcodes, a dispute over safety records, etc. The basic problems are the two faced approach from NNSA ("clerical errors in Albuquerque last summer" that didn't make the press like the missing barcodes at LANL), the lack of support of their employess by UC against a Director who believes his job is to teach the employees the ABC's - Arrogant, Butthead, Cowboys - and a lack of support by our Congressional delegation.


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