Friday, February 11, 2005

More on justified blame

Feb. 8, 2005

More on justified blame

I read David Simmons and Doug Tuggle's letters; one hass been here 2.5 years, the other 27 years. I have been here 25 years off and on. Lot's of changes? Is it the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration fault? We use to have an office for Laboratory contract compliance, one for UC/DOE. That was compromised years ago. We used to have a local DOE office that lavished us with excellent appraisals. Did we lose the check and balances we once had? We allowed groups with budget to drive policy. Are we drowning in red tape now? Did we or do we "have sloppy inventory controls and security failures? Who pays us, and who watches the "Lab Coop" now?

So we were fined ... somebody did something wrong ... where were the "checks and balances." I have enjoyed working at the Lab at times, and sometimes the "my way or the highway attitude" has made me move to different job areas to do work and stay out of the politics. We all are facing a new challenge, maybe a new employer, and I hope new and better attitudes. Change is not always bad. So Mr. Simmons had to go to "Wendy's" ( doing very well in the stock market), and Mr. Tuggle may have to find a Wendy's of his own, to do work. Wouldn't it be nice, if now that there is an opportunity to change, we could change the Lab for the better.

--Johnny Baca

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