Wednesday, February 09, 2005

More on the CREM II Incident

From Anonymous:

I was just wanted to inform blog readers of a couple of finer points associated with the CREM II incident that may not be widely known:

1) All are aware that NNSA concluded on 28 January that the "missing CREM" never existed and what actually occurred was a clerical error. Did you also know that this very same story was spelled out in excruciating detail on a white board where the first 11 LANL employees being placed on Investigatory Leave were sequestered the morning of July 22nd (black Thursday) before being escorted off LANL property?

2) On July 24th, the first Saturday following black Thursday, a picnic was organized at North Mesa Park and attended by some of the employees placed on Investigatory Leave and a few X-division personnel who had first hand experience with the investigation that followed the previous, famous, missing hard drive incident in X-division. After the picnic, laboratory management got wind of the event and accused the X-division personnel and other picnic organizers of attending a "conspiratorial gathering" designed to impede the investigation. Keep in mind, this was a picnic, off LANL property, on a Saturday.

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