Saturday, February 12, 2005

More on The Contingent Workforce Project

From Anonymous:

Regarding the Feb. 9 posting, same subject, here is an important point: (too many characters for a comment)

Please note an important insecure position all these new UC employees were being put in: LANL has new employee probationary periods up to to 2 years plus for TSMs (1 year for SSMs and 6 months for non-exempt employees). LANL HR and Legal informed UPTE in September 2004 that any employee still in their probationary period during the contract change-over the end of September 2005, would be a risk of losing their job. So, for exempt employees in hired after 9/04, it wouldn't matter if they were Contract or brand-new UC employees, they are just as much at risk. Now that we're down to 6 months away from the contract change-over, all employees converted now, including non-exempts, will still be in their probationary period come 9/30/05. And they would all be at risk. Granted, they may never earn time towards UC vesting, but this way these contractors can accrue more time under their current employer. The RFP must address contract employees, not just UC. But if the "real" intent is to drastically cut the LANL work force, then I guess not.

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