Thursday, February 24, 2005

Maybe Pete was throwing us a bone

From Anonymous:

I hate to play conspiracy theorist, but did anyone else think today’s snow delay was odd? It seemed to be completely unnecessary especially given the lack of a delay when conditions were far worse. Maybe Pete was throwing us a bone the day before the new Secretary of Energy visits?

Actually, the same thought crossed my mind.
I was wondering the same thing, We talked about this very idea in the car pool.
The first snow of the season was sooooo much worse than this the bus couldn't make it up the hill, but I had to take 8 hours of leave because no one could decide to give us a 2 hour delay. The next ice storm was almost as bad but make it I did because I am not going to lose 8 more hrs of vacation. So today I am here on time and scr** the executive team on calling a 2 hr delay, I only hope most people can see through this ruse, because that is all it is. And I am not the only on here on time either.
This Friday:

DOE: So, I hear you do not even give them snow delays this winter, Pete?

PETE: Not true! We had one just yesterday. These people are just a bunch of whining primadonnas!

DOE: I see, god job. I am glad we had this talk. So long now, I need to fix urgent problems on another planet.

PETE: Let the Force be with you.
Of course we had the generous gift of a snow delay for a minor storm like today. Nanos wants us all to be happy and thankful workers when his boss arrives on Friday. Remember to smile, everyone. Repeat after me: "We love our Dear Leader. He is kind and generous, and oh, so wise". Is the Potemkin village ready?
i've been watching all this from texas and really wondored what happened to all the logins this morning.

perhaps pete was trying to haul off all the copies of physics today while y'all were gone
I believe that it will be shown that this morning's delay was due more to the accidents that happened during the last storm when there was no delay than the storm itself.
This morning's delay was due to Sen. Domineci being here and Sec. Bodman on the way. No accidents. It just wouldn't look good to have either of these people stuck in our infamous parking lot on the routes up here.
Today's 2 hour snow time without snow on the streets was yet another great success of LANL. I am extremely proud of you all, especially those stuck at Diamond Drive for 45 minutes. Building on this success, I decided we shall have a snow delay every Thursday, starting immediately, untill September 30th.

St. Pete
I have sat in meetings when the procedure to call a snow delay has been discussed. This is not an easy call. The delay has to be called about 5-530 am, and we all know how quickly the weather can change between 5 and 8 am.

The real problem is that LANL and the LAPS have not yet figured out that a two hour delay for both puts everyone on the road at 10am. The safety issues ought to be obvious to both. Both have the familiar out, "If you don't think it's safe ...", but there are two problems with this.

For folks with little vacation, not coming to work becomes a real issue. A more generous management approach would be to tell people they would not be penalized if they came late to work or not all if the roads are bad because their safety is important.

For those of us with kids in high school, there is the added issue of LAHS's attendance policy which penalizes kids for being tardy to class. So adults and teenage drivers are jammed together during bad weather trying to reach LANL and LAHS at 10am.

It's a only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.
"Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity."
Nick Diamos
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