Saturday, February 19, 2005


From Anonymous:

It seems there might be an opportunity for a class-action lawsuit against UC and Mr. Nanos on the deferment of our annual salary increase for three months. While individually it's not a lot of money, collectively there should be enough money here to interest a lawyer. Has anyone looked into this?

The salary increase excercise was another slap in the face. I heard that the reason the increases were so low is that DOE and NNSA thinks we are overpaid. The delay was punishment ala standown. Yes, there are quite a high number of individuals that are grossly overpaid, they are all in the management ranks.
There is already a class action lawsuit pending against the lab involving gender and racial discrimination. It would be interesting to know how many other lawsuits have been filed against LANL mismanagement.
UPTE complained to LANL about the delay in our low raises this year. Lynn Boland, new HR Division Leader, informed UPTE that employees should consider themselves "lucky at all" to have received raises this year, our performance was so poor. Of course UPTE maintained this year's fiascos were the result of mis-management and how were managers to be held accountable? She had no answer.

I guess UC's cut in the fee will result in zero or lower bonuses for the top dogs, but the message was clear: mangement considers LANL's problems to be the result of poor performance on the part of employees.

Does anyone else disagree we are the problem? The only way to combat this is to join together.

The blog is great for open communication, but influence comes from strength in numbers...
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