Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Latest RFP Changes

From Anonymous:

The news articles regarding the latest RFP changes are
concentrating on the clarifications made about pension benefits.
I've yet to see anything regarding the following paragraphs
from the "Draft RFP Major Issues from Potential Offerors and
NNSA SEB Proposed Actions to Stimulate Competition" document
available on the RFP webpage,

in which
they propose changing the wording of the RFP regarding the
requirement to hire all LANL employees except senior management:
Issue #8: Section H clause on Workforce Transition requires hiring of all staff except Senior Management. Need flexibility to adjust the workforce to enhance productivity and savings.

SEB Response: SEB proposes revising the Section H Workforce Transition clause (which requires the Contractor to offer employment to all employees except Senior Management) to specify that DOE expects the Contractor to subsequently exercise appropriate managerial judgment regarding employee retention and job assignments. In addition, for current employees who do not transfer to the successor contractor and either retire or “freeze” their account in UCRP, the successor contractor will determine whether they should be hired as new employees or not.

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