Monday, February 14, 2005

LANL Blogging Policy

A quick note on LANL's official policy on blogging: I received the following official email from the LANL Public Affairs Office recently when a reporter contacted them requesting permission to speak with me:

Subject: media query
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 14:29:15 -0700
From: <>

CALLER: Ian Hoffman, Tri-Valley Herald and ANG Newspaper Group

STORY: I understand there's a very interesting blog on some of the
contract issues that is done by a LANL employee, Doug Roberts. I'd
like to talk with him.

RESPONSE: As Roberts maintains this blog from home using his personal
resources, I suggest you contact him directly, rather than through
the normal Public Affairs channels.

Of course, all Laboratory employees have the right to blog, talk to
reporters or make speeches on their own time and using their own

Not, mind you, that even for a moment do I suspect that LANL would rewrite that particular policy and attempt to invoke it retroactively...


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