Monday, February 07, 2005

Justified blame?

From the 2/7/2005 LANL NewsBulletin:

Feb. 3, 2005

Justified blame?

David Simmons puts it right on the mark in his Jan. 28 letter. But then the saga continues when I read with amusement (better than the real emotions I felt) that the Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration is "fining" the University of California millions of dollars for "sloppy inventory controls and security failures" as stated in the Jan. 31 Albuquerque Journal. All the direction I have seen is from DOE/NNSA rather than UC.

With all the current morale and contract issues we once again see DOE/NNSA blaming others rather than accepting the blame themselves and throwing more salt on our already open wounds. I have worked at the Lab for more than 27 years and am finding it continually more difficult to stay. I love my work and most of the people I work with, but the difficulties now incurred to perform the most mundane task is to say the least, frustrating. When I first hired on I was impressed with the concern my fellow workers had in the job they performed and pride they had in doing it. There were dangers present but they were recognized and respected.

It now takes $5,000 worth of effort to purchase a $10 item if you can get it at all. It takes reams of paperwork and hundreds of hours of effort to perform a simple one-day job. And it has not been UC but DOE/NNSA who has been the driver of these hurdles. DOE/NNSA wants all of us to be accountable for our actions that they have so complicated and made so difficult to accomplish. They seem increasingly effective at creating the problems but blame others, and they still refuse to be accountable for the Trojan horse they have created.

I hope I can hold out for several more years, but with each destructive and demoralizing event I have my doubts if I'll make it. I have truly enjoyed, for the most part, all my years of truly dedicated service to this Laboratory, but I am getting worn down and tired of being beat up, used, abused and made to question my ability to perform my job.

Mr. Simmons, if working at Wendy's works out for you let me know as I may join you.

--Doug Tuggle

Nobody in management what's to heard this. get it
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