Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I'm not quite sure what to make out of this myself,

But somebody requested that it be posted:

I saw the Don Brown interview on CBS. He came across as sincere. What seemed to irritate him most was a lack of two-way communication between management and him. Secondly, he was not happy about having no work to do.

He stated that management did not respond to him about his report. Management claims that it is working on the problems, but management (whoever it is) does not mention that it told Don Brown about it.

Lack of communication is an organizational cliche. Nevertheless, communication, truthful, thorough, trusted, remains essessential to a well run organization, particularly the size of LANL.

BTW, my dad was a metallurgist with a welding specialty. He often said that welding is an art, and was thankful that there are methods, other than the human eye, to ensure that a good weld is a good weld. I do wonder about Brown's claim of 1000 bad welds vs. management's counter claim that they were fixed. What's the time frame?
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