Monday, February 07, 2005

How To Post Anonymously

I have created a new sidebar link on how to post anonymously. The instructions are repeated here:

How To Post Anonymously

The preferred way to post anonymously is to send your submission to and request that the post be made anonymously. A super-safe double-blind way to post anonymously is to submit an anonymous comment to an existing post. All anonymous comments are mailed to me from "", and I have no idea who they come from. I scan all comments, and those that contain important information or insight will sometimes be promoted to their own anonymous post. This method is sometimes used by individuals who are particularly sensitive to not wanting their identity tied to their comments. LANL managers, for example, who do not want people to know their true feelings about LANL's current upper management layer. I suppose this motivation would hold if someone wanted to post positive feelings about the current regime, but I have yet to put that hypothesis to the test.

Nuclear security Agency Needs More Scientists:

"The National Nuclear Security Administration, a unit of the Energy Department charged with maintaining nuclear weapons, is faced with a shortage of scientists and engineers, according to the Government Accountability Office."

If this is true then you think they would do things to try to retain and entice people to come to Los Alamos rather than to do the opposite.

I'm a highly technical staff member (when I say highly what i mean is that most of my job is technical in nature rather than managerial or project oriented). I took stock of my time spent at work last week. Approximately 6 hours or less was spent doing technical work and the rest was spent in either meetings dealing with CREM or reorgs, chasing down a myriad of non-sensical rules (I filled out over an inch of paperwork) in order to be approved to do those few hours of work, and trying to push a large number of purchases through the system which are months late. I also tried to help collegue of mine I desperatly need to complete projects and has been waiting over two years for his clearance. This is a typical work week for me, especially since the shutdown.

So what I came to realize is that although I am a highly paid and uniquely skilled technical staff member, I spend almost NO time doing technical work to help protect the country. (which is why I came here in the first place).

What does this mean? Well possibly it means I'm simply in a bad position and the lot i've drawn is to spend my life in paperwork and useless meetings. But a more scientific approach would be to poll this blogs readership for a small statistical sample to see who if anyone is in the same boat.

I am very curious to see if I am experiencing a trend or an exeption.

I too, have see your fustration, what I did ten years ago at the lab now cost's me, as a tax payer 10.25 as much money to get the same work done. (and about 6 fold the time to accomplist). BE PROUD, by sticking together we can get past this.
No, you're not alone. It is quite clear that Admiral Nanos never ran an organization that was responsible for producing a product in a competitive environment. His solution to just about any problem seems to be "generate more paperwork, that will fix it." He doesn't care how much more difficult his "new, improved" imposed paperwork burden makes it to get any real work done. Why should he? He's never had to deal with the bottom line: product.
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