Friday, February 25, 2005

Get Over It

From Anonymous:

Dear Senator Domenici:

I attended the meeting today at LANL where Energy Secretary Bodeman was introduced. He seems like a nice person. I agree with your closing comments at the end of the meeting where you told the audience that "we should get over it", referring to the events of the past 8 months. I could not agree more. The first step in the process of "getting over it" is to remove Director Nanos from his position of Director of LANL. Do that, and we will, as you say, get over it and start looking to the future.


A LANL Staff Member

There is no way you can take
anything that LANL does now seriously with Nanos still in charge. If your leader is a joke than so is the institution. He lied, everyone knows
he lied. Anyone who cares about the
country should noe consider going elswhere for sake of the United States.
Bodman has had his account of LANL from Brooks and Nanos. Nanos will start to lose credibility with the DOE when the impacts of his actions start to reach them where it counts: loss of staff, loss of capability, loss of deliverables (the next few months will be interesting). When it starts to become clear that the Lab is unable to resume normal activities in many areas, practical considerations will start to drive. Irreversible damage will be done by that time.

At this point, it is too politically expensive for UC or DOE to tangle with Nanos. His media campaign denouncing the LANL "culture" and "cowboys" established a setting where he is the one to "drain the swamp," and anyone who challenges him wants the bad old days back. It's a narrative nobody in power wants to risk attacking directly.
Bodman came across sincere and I believe he will make a difrrence in the Department. Brooks said nothing and sometime silence is the loudest sermon (he had nothing positive to say). Nanos spent the whole time looking downcast at the floor which was the only solid support he had in the room. Domenici's "get over it" sententia was unbecoming to a statesman of his caliber. The only way of "getting over it" is to provide "it" with a much deserved exit stage left so that "it" can find a home in some other entity that wants to be stood-down. Tolerating tyranny is not a traditon that made this country great.
Pete is a change agent. Look it up. Domenici knows it. Brooks knows it. Bodman knows it.

Basically, Hecker fell on his sword, Browne fell on his sword. UC and DOE figured out that falling on swords wasn't going to work, so Pete has permission to lop off a few heads, whack a few fannies instead.
Get off this "Change Agent" crap. One man's "Change Agent"is another man's
loud, obnoxious, abusive jerk of a no-nothing boss. Simply labeling Nanos
as a "Change Agent" doesn't make what he has been doing at the Lab OK.
Some "Change Agents" are very decent people. Nanos is not. You've been
reading too many management books. Real management is not done in this
fashion. And real managers give a damn about their staff. Nanos does not.
Comparing Nanos to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (who owns the recent notoriety for the lopping off heads) is interesting. Lopping off heads is a tactic of incompetence and cowardice in Iraq or in LANL.
Timothy McVeigh was a change agent. Considering the reported remarks of the director to N division about pulling the pin on the grenade and throwing it down the hall, this comparison seems apt.
Get over it? I don't think I'll ever get over Cerro Grande.
I can hardly believe those in the audience who applauded Massa Domenici after he watched his overseer and "agent of change," Darth Nanos, whip them unmercifully, and then told the assembled scorned and beaten slaves to kiss the whip:

"Get over it, and quit'cher damn whimperin'!"
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