Saturday, February 12, 2005

From Anonymous:

I went to the CREM meeting too. I was buying everything that the speaker was saying until people started asking questions and that bald guy stood up and started to tell what really happened. After that one lady asked about the people who had been fired and Scott Gibbs ducked the question the bald guy said his boss was fired for taking too much training. Is that possible at LANL? He came right out and said this guy was fired for reasons totally unrelated to what happened. To me that just screams SCAPEGOAT!!! I wish he would have talked a little longer about that. He also said that they can't find a single rule that he violated.
If that's true then Nanos IS a liar and a fraud and all the grief we've been taking about cowboys and culture problems was a scam. If these guys were as bad as Nanos says then they should have had pages of rules violations to show us.

The bald guy also said that they tried to set him up and that people actually quit the lab over it. He said offices were being entered after hours and records were seized and people were pressured to keep quiet. It sounds like NanoGate to me. Gibbs tried to say that wasn't true but then that other lady stood up and said she was there and that everything he said was true. Something really stinks here and I don't think we're anywhere near the source of it yet. The guy said there was a lot more to this than we've heard and I believe him. They're planning on giving another meeting because there wasn't a single seat in the auditorium that wasn't filled. I think they should let that bald guy give the next one so we can hear what really happened.

The person who was fired does have a rather disturbing memo claiming that he had too much training implying he was wasting taxpayers dollars,, can you see just a litte irony here?
It turns out that all of the classes he took were required by his management. In fact he was one of the only people in the group whose training was completely up to date.
Too bad the bald guy did not show up at the second talk, but Mary Hockaday did. She said she felt betrayed by her staff. hmmmm
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