Sunday, February 06, 2005

Foundering Fathers

From Anomymous:

If President Dynes reads this, he needs to know that the skipper who drove the USS Francisco into an undersea mountain might be looking for a job. As a swabbie myself, I commend that skipper for at least he got his crippled ship back to port. Our admiral – who never commanded a real ship in the real Navy-- has managed to drive the USS Los Alamos into a mountain that is 8,000 feet above sea level but, mate, he has no clue as to what a port is and lacks the internal compass to find one anyway. It is time to have the admiral piped overboard, but Dynes or the new Secretary of Energy will have to blow the whistle, Foley and Brooks certainly lack the wind to do so. Otherwise the theme song at Los Alamos will continue to be: “Ho, ho , ho, to Davie Jones’ locker we go.”

So if the Admiral never drove a boat, what did he drive throughout his carreer? A desk? An armchair? A fleet of accountants?
What organization was this? Oh ye, the Navy.
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