Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Firing Nanos would not fix our problems

From Anonymous:

I have been working at the lab for a little for more than 18 years. In all this time, I have not seen the morale as low as now. Firing Nanos would not fix our problems but, certainly, would improve our morale. It is hard to imagine how successful he was in loosing the respect of almost everyone at this institution.

Correct, getting rid of Nanos would not "fix" the problem at LANL but it sure would get us on a better track into a positive direction. You must admit that getting rid of Nanos would be a positive, of course, we have no idea who would take over as Director, but could it be worse??

Nanos has done a lot and when he first arrived, I had respect for him for I thought he was man of his word and a man of conviction....was I ever mislead! He has done more negative for this lab than I thought one person could do in such a short period of time. Right now, I firmly believe he is the root of our problems...get rid of him and we are back on a path of corrective action, productive corrective action.
Unfortunately, I fear that DOE may think that the more we complain about Nanos, the better he must be doing out here. It is not clear to me that they are focusing in on the destructive nature of his management technqiues and his poor decisions. They won't become fully concerned until they finally begin to see this place go down the tubes, and by that time it may be too late. Bodman's visit on Friday offers a chance for some clues as to how the DOE views this man, though I doubt the DOE will be willing to show us any cards at this point in time.
I think to a lot of people in NNSA/DOE that LANL was already down the tubes. Anything Nanos can do to them would be an improvement. That the two sides see this very differently says how large a gap between Washington and LANL is. Heck the praises I have heard from UC people shows the gap between LANL employees and UC is. [Heck the gap of the view from people at LANL and almost anywhere outside Northern New Mexico seems rather striking right now.]

Getting the outside world to listen to us is probably going to take us listening to them for a while and seeing why they feel we are so out of touch with them.

Two things would help immediately in bringing Moral up.
1) return to a flexible schedule
2) Oust Nano's
"Gruntled" has a good point about us listening to the outside world - typically, we don't listen. It's a little like America listening to Iraq to understand why they don't like our culture. We don't get it, because, what's not to like about our culture?! That's called arrogance, folks.

The gap in our views as compared to Washington, UC, anywhere outside Northern NM tells us we are out of step. Yes, science calls for originality and creativity, and we can't afford to lose that, but what can we do to "Bridge the Gap"?
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