Friday, February 18, 2005

A Compromise

Ok, most people seem to think the reference below is low-quality, fringe, conspiracy theory-class journalism. However, since it was submitted, and since the main reason this blog was created was in reponse to a newly-instituted censorship policy at the LANL NewsBulletin I will leave it here for people's amusement, nothing more, nothing less.


Please refrain from posting stories like this one. We have real concerns over
Lab management. Crazy conspiratorial stories will not help our case. We need
to keep our eye on the ball. Besides, SFBayView was the newspaper that helped
spread the ugly 90's rumor the the CIA was involved with the selling of drugs
in the Oakland area. The are not a reputable news source. Frankly, I hope
you remove this story from the blog ASAP. Let's not descend into the sewer!
As this is the first serious complaint regarding a posting to this site, I will be happy to take a vote. This article was sent to me by Anonymous. If sufficient numbers feel it is detrimental to the professed cuase of the blog, e.g. to improve our situation, I will remove it.

Leave a comment; remove it, yes or no.

yes remove it, they are bumbling not conspiratorial.
yes remove it
Yes, remove it.
I say leave it posted.

This may be just a conspiracy theory, it's not very well written, and I can't vouch for the journalistic integrity of SFBayView (never heard of it before), but the goings on at LANL demand a conspiracy theory of one sort or another. I've got a few of my own.

It is painfully obvious that Nanos was installed by powerful political interests of one sort or another. The only question is who and why.

I have heard from reliable sources that, six months prior to arriving at Los Alamos, Nanos openly stated that he was going to Los Alamos to become director. This was long before the financial scandals led to the ouster of John Browne. Something fishy is clearly going on.

We've all been trying to figure out what's really going on. Articles like this, though unlikely to be completely accurate, do contain tidbits that help fill in the picture. Please don't censor this just because it offends the right-wingers.
Of course, the problem with an anonymous poll is that anyone can vote multiple times.

Oh please, don't remove it.
Please don't remove it.

(see what I mean?)
The extraordinary range of opinion, style, and diction displayed here (and especially on the petition) makes it evident that many people's views are being expressed.

That said, what this blog is about, IMHO, is not some tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory. There is a serious point to all of this, and it's not about the "military-industrial" complex or some conspiracy by Bush to give U-Texas control of the Lab (see how far that went?). We need to stay close to our data and not start bloviating, losing focus, and bringing all sorts of secondary agendas in here. This article is barely comprehensible and highly speculative and does us no good. I vote for deletion as it is off topic.

I'm no right-winger, and you really need to be a bit more careful with your posts, else this blog will quickly become discredited. Read this recent "news" article over at the San Francisco BayView and then tell me this is a legitiment news source. Use some discretion, man. Don't just grab everything that comes your way:

Fascist smears against Gary Webb continue even in death

The article above was written by one of the chief SFBayView editors. Now I ask you, does this sound like the type of news outlet you want to be quoting in this blog? I certainly hope not!
I've heard from a friend who knows a guy who works somewhere near the Lab
that Pete Nanos is actually an alien being whose mission is to study our
nucular bombs and then rescue his Roswell alien buddies from a freezer that
lays buried deep under ground at that super-secret TA-1000 site. Hey man,
this story is way bigger than just some Carlyle-Bush "Illuminati" thing. It
involves the whole friggin' Inter-Galatic Mafia (IGM) and their stooges,
the MIBs. It's time to blow this whole story wide open and expose it to
the nation. But we must hurry, as time is not on our side. A fleet of
IGM UFOs as been spotted heading this way, hiding behind the tail of a huge
comet. I hear that wearing garlic will protect you from these evil aliens.
Spread the word.
Please seek the truth, but keep the tabloid parlance, similar to this, out.
Looks like a workable compromise, Doug. Just try to keep stuff like this to a minimum in the future. I suspect it may only be a short time before the "big boys" in the media (ie, CNN, MSNBC, etc) pick up the story of this blog. When/if they do, you don't want them to zero-in on the crazier stuff. That would end up discrediting the whole site.

There is one bit of conspiratorial wiff that I do find interesting. It was reported that DOE has now raised the RFP fee from $30 mill to $50 million. We know that UC doesn't seem to be interested in the money, given the way they have run this place for peanuts over the years. So why has this management fee suddenly been raised? Was it done as an inticement to a firm like Bechtel? And will this lab end up being run, essential, by Bechtel, with only a slight patina of control coming from UC? And isn't Bechtel basically a dumping ground for powerful, retired GOP politicos (look at their board of directors)? And wasn't Gerald Parsky, the UC regent who came out to lecture us with President Dynes, a key politico in Bush's relection effort out there in CA?:

Bush's man in California stays upbeat
Regent Parsky sees competitive state
-- SF Chronicle, Aug 30, 2004

The truth may be out there, somewhere. Could Nanogate be a much bigger story? Who knows. Who cares. I just want the guy removed from his job. He's not fixing the place that I love, he's destroying it.
Agreed on the compromise. Put a warning box around the "woo woo stuff," and let people know to take it at whatever value they choose.

As to the previous remark about the fee for running the Lab, I think the simplest explanation is that the DOE wants to attract some additional, serious bidders, and the low fee that UC was willing to accept was ruling out everybody else. I don't see a scheme to move the contract to Bechtel or any corporation, not that I'm opposed to such an outcome.

The unintended outcome of all of this is that DOE will have gone from getting the Lab run almost for free to having to pay a substantial fee for its operation. It's hard to "punish" UC by taking away $5 million this year if they anticipate having to pay UC around $45 million more next year.

Hey, the Carlyle Group could be equally well covered under the song from "The Pirates of Penzance." The Admirals (Nanos, Brooks, and Foley) could be competing for the role of the Captain of the HMS Pinafore.
Who sings, "Tho' 'bother it' I may occasionally say, I never use a big, big, D!"

(See earlier posting on the song based on "The Pirates of Penzance." Now, the double-riposte a-Nano-mous posting is complete!)
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