Saturday, February 19, 2005

Can't Hardly Wait

From Anonymous:

Can't hardly wait:

Sneak preview of Daily Newsbulletin feature to debut Tuesday

Spring is traditionally a time of renewal. And come this spring, there will be budding trees, blooming flowers, nesting birds and a redesigned Daily Newsbulletin.

Since the Daily Newsbulletin was launched in September 1996, it has served as a timely source for a variety of Laboratory news and information. The upcoming redesign will update the look and allow for the introduction of some additional features. One new feature will be the "Director's Notebook," which includes information, sound bites and employee recognitions from Laboratory Director Pete Nanos and other senior managers.

The redesigned Daily Newsbulletin will continue to offer readers many of the features they've come to expect, such as a calendar of events around the Lab; the Bulletin Board; safety tips; news from the research library; links to other Public Affairs communications products; links to the University of California and Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration Web pages; and of course, the ever-popular Reader's Forum, a format through which employees can share their views on Lab-related policies and issues and engage in constructive dialogue.

As a sampling of things to come, the "Director's Notebook" will be unveiled in Tuesday's Daily Newsbulletin. Subsequent issues of the "Director's Notebook" will publish on Mondays, except when Monday is a Laboratory holiday.

The Public Affairs Office will continue making improvements to the Daily Newsbulletin in an ongoing effort to bring employees news and information they can use. And keep watching for the redesign.

"The redesigned Daily Newsbulletin will continue to offer readers many of the features they've come to expect, such as ..."

Geez. Did "Bagdad Bob" Fallin set himself up for that, or what?
Directors Notebook
Day 1: Kick some ass, take names later. Show 'em who's boss.

Day 2: Screw taking names (well, only for those who disagree or protest, just so we know who they are for future use). Call a few names while I'm out.

Day 3: Rally those spin-masters, the name-calling got printed in the paper. Hell no, I'm not sorry.
In addition every LANL computer will be querried daily to insure you have visited the site. Kind of like keeping your copy of Mein Kampf handy in Germany in the 40's.

Heil Nanos
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