Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bonus for Helping with the Restart?

From Anonymous:

I would like to know if anyone has gotten, or heard of anyone getting, the so called bonus for helping with the restart?
If you use simple numbers and say the average salary at LANL is 100k. The average raise was 2% and there are 8,00 employees.
According to Pete's concept of "Shared Fate", we will all be getting a $500.00 bonus. What a guy.

My guess has always been that the bonuses are for PS employees, especially for the former Navy division leader of PS.
To bad it will not add to your retirement calculation.
There are people in my group who are very busy sucking up to get the bonuses - only a few will get them, but individually they should be quite handsome.
More fraud, waste and abuse at a government facility using taxpayer dollars to "pay" people to do their jobs. If LANLites adhered to common sense security and tracking procedures, there would be no oversight and no need to pay them for a job that should not have been necessary. It is truly annoying that people have to be rewarded for bringing LANL back on line; their jobs and salaries are payment enough.
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