Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bodeman at LANL

From the 2/23/2005 LANL NewsBulletin:

New DOE chief to speak at Lab Friday

Samuel Bodman, the new Department of Energy secretary, is scheduled to speak to the Laboratory on Friday afternoon.

Bodman's all-employee talk begins at 1 p.m., from the Administration Building Auditorium at Technical Area 3. Standard Laboratory clearance and escort rules apply for Lab workers who want to hear the talk in person. It also can be watched live on LABNET Channel 9 and on desktop computers using Real Media and IPTV technology.

Bodman was recently named DOE chief succeeding Spencer Abraham. Bodman most recently was a deputy secretary in the U.S. Treasury Department.

Bodman will be accompanied to Los Alamos by Linton Brooks, director of the National Nuclear Security Administration, and New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici.

While at Los Alamos, Bodman will meet with Laboratory Director Pete Nanos, receive briefings on Lab programs and visit several facilities. He also is scheduled to meet with Laboratory R and D 100 award recipients as well as Los Alamos' three most recent E.O. Lawrence Award winners.

I have the ugly suspicion that Bodeman is coming to LANL to affirm the solidarity of the Good Old Boy's club. What is it about these DOE/NNSA/UC clowns that makes them feel compelled to band around and protect this incompetent director?

Ok, perhaps it was a bit hasty to lump Bodeman in with his predecessor clown, Abrahams. We should wait until Friday to make that assessment.
Red China, North Korea, and the DOE - the three remaining Communist entities.
If you knew nothing about North Korea, China, please do not compare them to DOE.
I think we need to give Bodman the benefit of the doubt and see what he has to say. Perhaps he will quickly realize what the rest of us know and show Pete the door.
Perhaps. Unfortunately we have a history rich in weak DOE leadership. I will be pleasantly surprised if Bodeman breaks that mold.
The best thing Bodeman could do is stand up to the microphone and say "I have asked UC to replace Nanos immediately".
He's here to hang ribbons on the ten chosen to restart the lab. Everyone else will be fired.
That last one is funny! good job.
It was an "interesting" talk.

Bodman was basically 'move on safely and securely and in compliance.' He didn't mention the Director's name or performance once, that I can recall. That may or may not mean anything.

After O'Leary, Bodman looks like solid gold. Historically though, Energy Secretary's seem to have an easier time doing damage than making things better.

What really opened my eyes was Pete Domenici's rant at the end. Whooooo...I guess we need to just get over it, no one is trying to hurt us.
Domenici's "get over it" rant at the end of the talk rattled me, too.
However, I can understand why he might have said it. He doesn't have to
work under Pete Nanos and is probably tired of hearing the complaints from
people who do. He also can't fire Nanos. Only UC can do that, and they
have been completely out of the picture of late.

I also noticed that both Bodman and Domenici gave Nanos very faint praise
at this talk. Since Nanos was their official host, I found that somewhat
telling. It's probably the best we can reasonable expect for now.
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