Saturday, February 26, 2005


From Anonymous:

You know, if the people who run the LANL Public Affairs office had had half an ounce of sense, the day after they discovered this blog they should have had their own blog up. Uncensored, anonymous posting allowed. If they had done that, the whole (or primary) motivation behind creating this blog would have been defeated.

On the other hand, it _is_ possible to instrument a web page so that it logs each and every ip address that visits it, and given the lack of trust most of us have for the Public Affairs office (Hi, Baghdad Bob! Hi Comical Ali!), and for LANL management in general, maybe it would not have worked for them after all.

Oh, don't you know? This guy, Doug Roberts, doesn't really exist. It just an elaborate "fly-paper" scheme by LANL management to smoke out the last of the cowboys. They've been collecting the IP addresses and now know who you are. Just kidding, of course.
Baghdad Bob Fallin and Comical Ali Roark should quit and find themselves jobs where they can feel that they've earned a bit of respect for themselves at the end of the day. The profession of, say, male prostitute would be a big step up for them, respect-wise.
That was unnecessarily insulting.
Agreed. If I were a male prostitute, I would be outraged.
Here is a fascinating post from the "Online Public Relations" Blog.

There are some interesting comments on this blog site regarding the
Los Alamos PR Disaster:

Bad Bad Bad - Feb 14, 2005

There is a horrific story that everyone should read whose client or company
has government business. It is here.

The government now admits that two missing computer disks at the Los Alamos
research laboratories, run by the University of California, never existed.
Yup, that's right. The witch hunt and $5.8 million fine levied against the
University for poor security management was for items that were never

University of California's reputation was dragged through the mud, and it
nearly lost control of the labs. Actually, it did lose control of the
labs but the government pays so little to manage them that the new
manager backed out.

So, how does the government say, "I'm sorry" to an organization whose
reputation it wrecked. It sends a threatening letter and fails to lift
the fine.

We have worked with other government contractors who have been hauled
before the government for lapses they didn't commit. The same pattern
happens repeatedly. Bureaucrats rarely say they are sorry, and they
rarely admit they have harmed anyone. They find flimsy excuses to
support their positions even when excuses have nothing to do with the
original charge.

The sanctimoniousness of government bureaucrats is disheartening. These
people believe they are doing the people's business. Hence, anything
they do and say must be right.

Be warned. If you work with the government, watch your flanks. Keep
public affairs specialists at agencies and on the Hill. That is the only
way to survive government witch hunts. Even then, it is difficult.


I hate to tell this PR guy, but we DO have PR people at LANL and they
are part of our public perception disaster. The whole lot of them,
including 'Baghdad Bob' Fallin should be fired immediately, as their
PR efforts seem to be directed at defending Pete, rather than the
reputation of LANL as a whole.
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