Monday, February 21, 2005

Blog Stats

As of today, Monday 2/21, 12:00 pm this site has had 16,699 visitors and 80,417 page views. If you think you have something important to say, now is the time to do so, as there are lots of people listening. If I can suggest: please take an extra minute to make sure that your message is well thought out, and addresses current issues at LANL. Take another minute and run it through a spell checker. Many eyes will be looking at what you write.


Among all of the things that have been represented as upward trends in recent months, the Site Meter graphs alone deserve the characterization.

Just saw the large "cowboy" ad for this blog on the back pages of the Tuesday Los Alamos Monitor. Looks good. With a little bit more local chatter about the blog, Doug might even be able to swing a Monitor interview about how this all started. That would put it on the front pages, were it truly belongs.
Amen to the cowboy ad. Thank you.
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