Friday, February 18, 2005

At the Will of the Director

From Anonymous:

I have recently learned that ADs and Division Directors come to work each morning "at the will of the Direktor".

I can confirm this. It also means that Division Leaders have been told, and coerced to sign a document, which states that they will be terminated from the Laboratory if the Director does not want them to be Division Leaders any more.

It's clear he demands absolute and complete loyalty and will enforce with career-damaging leverage if necessary.

The incentive is clear: even if a Division Leader wants to do the right thing, and it would be good for the Laboratory for a Division Leader to show the Director is wrong about something, their motivation to do so is seriously weakened by the jeopardy they put their Laboratory career in.

There's no strong culture of committment to improvement when the actions of the chief leutenants are hindered by fear and scorched-earth politics.

Nanos takes no prisoners, and no one can tell him he's wrong.

How dangerous is this for the Laboratory and the Nation when he is wrong, and no one will say so?

This is just plain wrong. I intend to ask Domenici, Uhdall, and Bingaman to investigate the legality of this. It sounds like the time has come for a congressional hearing into the misdeeds of Peter G. Nanos.
Contributors to the blog serve the same function as the small child who said, "The emperor has no clothes," in Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Emperor's New Clothes.
Did they have congressional inquiries then, too?
Come on. Do you really think there will be any inquiries into Nanogate?
Well, the division leaders that were recently chosen, got their job because of their ability "to get along" with people. No opinions, no arguments,... Thats how Micheline D got selected for D division despite her having no technical credentials, and Sarah S, (Nuclear Non-Proliferation) even though she has no nuclear or leadership background. So they can also get along with Pete...
Don't paint all the division leaders as "nanos suck ups". There are plenty of examples of leaders that work around the current senior management and are trying to get work done -- the "at will" sword tempers their actions, but they are dedicated to the work. DV Rao, Bill Feriersen, Doug Beason (when he headed ISR), Alan Bishop, Terry Wallace, etc. routinely push back and develop work arounds. Sure, the "at will" is a scary concept, but it has always been there in one form or another. The chill cast by the director and his incompetant direct reports (and not all the SET members are incompetant) is great, but really there is some that is right with the institution.

Remove the cancer, and the body will survive -- even flourish!
Hey, buddy! Thanks for the names of those traitorious Division heads. I was searching for the managers who were dis'ing me behind my back. Now I know exactly who to fire on my next purge. Life is great when you're the King. Please send me more names of the traitors as you discover them. You all know the address (ie, Feel free to turn in your team leaders, group leaders, Division heads, heck, even your best friends and collegues. And remember, I richly reward all sycopants and "suck ups". -- PN.
I did send email to Domenici, Udall, and Bingaman -- it only takes a minute to find their web pages.

Here is the message I sent them:

Dear XXX

Were you aware of the following new policy at LANL?

As one poster comments, "This is just plain wrong."

Do you think a Congressional Hearing is in order to investigate Director Nanos?

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