Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Wondering about an apology

Anonymous wrote:

Why has no one pointed out Nanos' hypocritical behavior? In the all hands meeting he said that if it turned out that there was no missing CREM he would apologize. There is no missing CREM, and there has been no apology. Either he seriously believes that we have forgotten what he said at that meeting, or he believes that he does not have to keep his word. But that's not what is taught at Annapolis!
So he's violating the oath he took as a plebe at the Academy. This kind of behavior would have caused him to be expelled. Too bad it's the norm now for the Lab's most highly placed double dipper.

"Fidem nemo umpqam perdit nisi qui non habet"
(No one loses honor, who had any to begin with)
-Publius Syrus

"Omnium consensus capax imperii nisi imperasset"
(Everyone would have thought him fit to rule, if only he never had.)
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