Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Walp, redux

Also from the 1/19/2005 Los Alamos Monitor:

LOS ALAMOS MONITOR, January 19th, 2005
One candidate shouldn't be considered

Dear Editor,

Glen Walp is one of eight finalists for LAPD Chief of police? I hope that those that make this decision remember who he is. Glen Walp came to LANL as retired Chief of State Police, PA, if my memory serves me. He came to LANL to get another nickel in his retirement package and left with a cool million.

This cannot be held against him as he was a "whistle-blower" and as such was protected at the time of his firing. However, the facts that came to light in the Congressional investigation and FBI investigation cannot be ignored, and are a matter of public record.

Effectively, none of Glen Walp's and Steven Doran's statements were substantiated by the investigation. I have at least some of those records if needed (1538 pages in PDF). According to the FBI, there was no Mustang. Glen Walp may not agree with that conclusion but that was the result of the investigation.

Glen Walp alleged that the valley was being painted green with the monies being stolen from the lab, or some similar statement. He should be required to clarify and explain. I personally find the content of his statement to be racist, and I am sure others do also.

Glen Walp said the only hope for the laboratory was to gut it. Do the citizens of Los Alamos deserve to have Glen Walp inflicted upon them one more time? Please tell me that those that make these choices will look at his record.

William T. Buttler

Los Alamos

I totally agree with Bill
Hire, Marla Brooks, she has our interest, after all she's town people.
Hire, Marla Brooks, she has our interest, after all she's town people.
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