Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Status of the Blog

Two weeks, two days. That is how long this blog has been up. Here is what the graph of web hits on the blog looks like this evening:

LANL The Real Story Web Site Hits, as of 10:30 pm MST, 1/25/2005

What does this say? I suppose it indicates that there is a growing interest in what is really happening at Los Alamos National Laboratory these days. In producing this blog, every attempt has been made to report the facts of our current situation at LANL, usually by mirroring letters and news items as they have appeared in local news media. The mere process of making that information more generally available has garnered not only the attention of many "ordinary" people, but it has also captured the attention of the Office of the President of the University of California, as well as, undoubtedly, that of several strata of management inside LANL itself.

Is that good or bad?

That, no doubt, depends on your point of view. Interleaved with the many "Thank you for doing this!" messages I have received are a noticeable number of "I hope you survive it." wishes as well.

Well, I hope I survive the process as well. In the mean time, however, I truly appreciate the time that the contributors to this blog have taken in searching out and sending me references to letters, articles, and news items that pertain to our present situation at LANL. It is my belief that a process that cannot withstand the rigors that an open venue of discussion produces should perhaps consider the error of its ways, and strive to change itself into one that can.

--Doug Roberts

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