Sunday, January 30, 2005

Shutdown Bad For Science

I am a retired TSM from EES-Division, a year and half ago July 2003. Your story of your group and your work really saddens me and is a real "slap in the face" to science by non-scientific idiots. It and other stories similar to it caused by the Nanos shutdown should be brought to as much public attention as possible. It seems to me the only way to counter unreliable data, political posturing at LANL's expense, and bureaucratic manipulations and decimation of science here at Los Alamos is to fight back hard with hard and honest facts. One way would be more Brad Holian's and Doug Roberts speaking out in more public and observable forums, so that the facts are accurately presented to everyone.

The stoppage did not affect me personally very much, for I was already retired and only functioning as an associate last year. It did have a significant impact on my division and non-division colleagues. As an associate I was mentoring younger TSM's and trying very hard to locate some good qualified new hires. We finally found one, a Post-doc at Sandia who really wanted to come here, attracted by not only our science but by Los Alamos schools for his children. He was ready to come last mid-August at the end of his term at Sandia. But because of the shutdown and uncertainty associated with it, he decided to stay at Sandia. This is probably only one of many many occurrences of this nature in the last seven months. This has been very detrimental to the lab and the shutdown policy should be condemned often and openly so that such stupid, non-rationale policies do not occur again.

Robert P. Swift, PhD
Los Alamos National Laboratory

A very good friend of mine who has been responsible for bringing many $$$s to the Lab has finally had it. He has turned in his resignation and will now be bringing those $$$s to a Beltway Bandit.

Congratulations Pete!!!

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