Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Letter to the CSO regarding his comments

Subject: Your response to my letter
Date: Wed, January 5, 2005 9:40 am
Priority: Normal
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If you note, the version of my letter that was finally published in the
NewsBulletin was censored, apparently to make it sound like my group only
lost a measly $3 million. The part of the original letter that described
a fuller context the nature of the loss to LANL (i.e. a group of people
who had
successfully leveraged pure computer science into over $100 million of
revenues to LANL, and the attendant customer base during its 15-year
existance) was left off, as well as the suggestion that what happened to
my group was not an isolated incident.

What follows is a link to the complete version of my letter, as it
appeared in the December 22 issue of the Los Alamos Monitor.

Also, one could infer from reading your response to my letter that the
proscribed response of "I am sorry, we cannot talk with you, we are in a
work shutdown mode," was one which we mistakenly gave to our customers.
I need to remind you that those very strict instructions were issued from
the Directors office during the shutdown.


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