Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mr. Clark's Letter of 1/5/2005

Mr. Clark complained that his recent letter to the NewsBulletin did not apper in this blog, so I include it here. For the record, I tend to agree with Mr. Harbin's assessment of Clark's letter as presented in Harbin's own letter to the NewsBulletin dated 1/6/2005:

"[...] when well meaning employees call people who choose to retire this summer deserters and saboteurs, who needs terrorists?"

Jan. 5, 2005


I too have thought about leaving the Laboratory due to the recent turmoil. Then I realized that I had forgotten why I came to the Lab. I am not here for the benefits, for good parking or a decent cafeteria. I am not here for the pay or so my projects can be funded and recognized. I am here, as is the institution itself, to protect the interests of the national security of this great country.

All of the problems we have experienced (knocks from the media, lost CREM, business problems, attrition, accidents) are simply more attacks on our ability to defend the security of this country. The difficult nature of these attacks is that they are often from within and rather than recognizing them as such, we are seeing them as a degredation of benefits to us. If, for example, we were experiencing terrorist or other external attacks on our purpose would we retreat? Or turn and fight?

The Lab is currently under attack from many sides, but luckily it has an army 10,000 strong to defend it. If this is an army of deserters and saboteurs then we are truly lost.

I for one plan to stay and respond to every attack as best I can.

--Anthony Clark

Hey thats great! Its good to see someone post both sides of a story whether they agree or not.

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