Wednesday, January 05, 2005

In further response to the CSO

Having not received a response from CSO Tom Bowles, I submitted the following to the LANL NewsBulletin staff for publication as another letter to the editor (oh, and by the way after having received assurances from the NewsBulletin staff that they never censored letters):

Dear NewsBulletin staff:

To celebrate your new policy of not waiting the requisite 6 weeks for
management approval prior to publishing letters in your publication, and
in honor of your long-standing policy of not censoring letters to the
NewsBulletin, please accept the following letter:


In response to Tom Bowles comment on my letter to the NewsBulletin,
published 1/5 (excerpted below), I would like to remind Mr. Bowles that
the orders in question came from the Director's office. I refer, of
course, to the the instructions to tell customers that "I am sorry, we
cannot discuss programmatic issues; we are in a work shutdown mode,"
in the event that a customer called in the early weeks of the
shutdown. So, I am interested in knowing if Mr. Bowles believes

1) The Director should not have issued those instructions,
2) we staff should have ignored them, or
3) those orders were a figment of our imagination, and we should not
have given ourselves over to flights of fancy.

Thank you,

--Doug Roberts

Excerpt from Bowles' letter:

Response to concerned about science
I appreciate Mr. Roberts' concern in his Nov. 12 submission to the
Reader's Forum.


No Laboratory technical staff member should have been told to provide the
response Mr. Roberts notes in his letter, and it is indeed unfortunate if
such responses led to the Laboratory losing important scientific research.

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