Friday, January 07, 2005


I received a number of email messages today from people expressing deep anger at LANL management. One guy thanked me for having taken Bowles to task, even if it was only in a news forum. A reporter called me from the Los Alamos Monitor after having read the first, censored, letter that I wrote which appeared in the NewsBulliten two days ago. He had not seen today's letters yet. He wanted to quote me for a story he was doing on funding and staff losses at LANL. I declined to be quoted, but I did give him the names of some other people who could probably provide him with additional information on the subject.

I sent a letter to the staff of the NewsBulliten thanking them for their new policy of openness, only to receive a somewhiat snippy response back from the Public Afairs Office informing me that the NewsBulliten had never been less than open. I guess our opinions differ on that.

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