Friday, January 21, 2005

Another letter to Senator Bingaman

As a ten-year LANL employee, I am deeply concerned with the wording and intent of

the draft RFP. Placing a 105% cap on the retirement benefits based on a comparative
group is far less than our current system rewards us. The current UCRP is
self-funding and costs the U.S. taxpayers nothing to maintain. It appears to us at
LANL that this is a DOE pension-raiding scheme, in the same manner as the Orwellian
double-speak of "Rescuing Social Security" parlayed by our current administration.

I do not want to retire, or quit and begin as a new employee. In fact, I really
don't want to think about this contract all year and distract myself from the work I
would like to accomplish. However, seven members of my team have quit in recent
months because doing research through a university has more appeal than the current
LANL climate. This contract has the potential to send the rest of us looking

I am also deeply concerned about the great number of our senior staff members that
will be forced to retire and the subsequent loss of leadership and experience at


Jane Riese

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